No (Real) Thursday Thirteen Today

I actually have made two attempts at this today. The first one was thirteen things that I have in my office (and why). I needed my camera for that and the battery was dead. Then, I decided I would do thirteen things I have learned about relationships drawn from the ones I have experienced. It took me over an hour to come up with this post. When I went to publish, I got an error message. I went backpage and found a blank sheet.

I used to do my posts on a separate program and copy and paste it on this page, but I got lazy. Blogger led me down the merry path and I got away without doing that for a while. But today, my laziness bit me in the behind.

Truthfully, I was so furious when this happened that the thought of EVER doing another Thursday Thirteen made me sick. I got over it, though.

However, today, we are Thursday Thirteenless. Unless you count this:

Thirteen things I hate about Blogger:
  1. It loses your posts
  2. It forces you into the beta version
  3. HTML
  4. It gets easily blocked by my firewall.
  5. Responseless days.
  6. Everyone here thinks they are a writer.
  7. I am part of everyone.
  8. It sold out to the giant "Google".
  9. It makes me feel obligated to post multiple times a week.
  10. I want it to make me feel that way.
  11. It promotes a social hierarchy.
  12. The word "meme".
  13. Those bloody word verification sections of the feedback pages!


rashbre said...

I know those annoying moments when Blogger blurps but overall I still find it amazing and good that most of the blogworld fun can be had for almost free.

I shall take a look around whilst I'm here!


Jenny McB said...

You know, I look at wordpress and then say to myself, "do I really want to learn how to do another web site?", So then I stay with blogger and my boring template.
Liked your Wednesday Whys, it's a great writing prompt.
BTW- Women call from the car b/c it gives a quick out from arguments...LOL, I do it all the time!

Lippy said...

I'm with you on the word verification images. I rarely get them right on the first try.

But, on AOL TOS!

Anonymous said...

Like everything else, Blogger has it's good side and it's bad side.

And being the techological idiot that I am, I use it because despite the burps and the screwy word verification fonts and the slow picture uploads (I use Flickr now), it's easy and it got me started. Even an internet newbie can do it.

I like the 13 of things in your office. I don't do the Thursday Thirteen, but I liked that idea!

DesLily said...

lesse: first, I have heard more then once that google owned blogspot anyway (which makes the fact that to use the "new" one you HAVE TO have a google acct. )I still have not "switched" sometimes it takes me 1 1/2 days to get into my "old blogspot"

I have a mirror journal in aol so I write it there (in a private journal, then copy and paste) the private journal lets me begin more then one post at a time to work on so that is nice)

I have noticed alot more "down time" or "errors" now that most have switched over to google accounts) I'm with you.. the bigger they are, the worse things get.

LOL no, not everyone thinks everyone else is a writer lol.. but there are many "hopeful" and blogs seem to help for exposure.

ah well..on word verification.. you only need one spammer that gives you a dozen spams a day to decide that it's a good thing even if it takes more then once to do it.

Knock knock - it's cancer! said...

Funny enough, this one is probably the best "thursday thirteen" list I've seen.

Kudos on that!

As for Blogger....pfffft. (imagine me sticking out my tongue)

Anonymous said...

Many of those points are way I left blogger.
Although I thought a Google take-over might be a good thing because Google does things well... the change-over during beta and now using google logins is still a pain though.

Charles said...

Yeah the word verification can be a pain. I remember one week where I kept typing in the right letters and it said it was I was wrong.

You Hate HTML...Say it ain't so. LOL

I think it's kind of fun, messing with my template. I'm thinking about messing with mines again.