Pig Knuckles

This is a blog post.  If I wrote about what I was thinking about a lot, it would be about the health care debate.  Of course, it would ALWAYS be about the health care debate.  So, that is why I am filling up this space with a little bit of nothing today.  I understand that a lot of people are sick of hearing about health care. So randomly, I will discuss something else.  

It is always easy to talk about things we don't like, yes?  Here is one thing I don't like.  It bothers me when people say, "You're fine."  This phrase seemed to surface a few years ago, I guess, because I don't remember hearing it all my life. What am I talking about?  I will give you an example, you are at a department store looking at vests on a rack.  So enthralled with a particular vest, are you, that you are oblivious to the woman who is trying to squeeze behind you to get by until she is painfully close.  As you squeeze further into the rack of vests, you say, "Oh, I am sorry, I was totally into the complexities and intricacies of the design in the weaving of this fabric in this tantalizing vest to notice you."   The lady answers, "You're fine."

Hate it.  Don't know why.  It seems condescending or something.  I don't know.  I do know that all of you will disagree with me because ALL OF YOU SAY IT.

That's my problem, though.  I will have to avoid all "excuse me" situations or just simply get over myself.