The Hallmark Life

The last of the Hallmark Christmas Movies has just ended.  For the sappy among us, they take us down a road of warm family and friends, a challenge, a Christmas miracle, a true love discovered, and a happy ending. 

It can be quite the wonderful experience, watching these feel good movies.  Do you ever have a Hallmark tale in your life?  I don't.  I am not sure other people do.  Perhaps there are exceptions that prove the rule, but sometimes rainbows show up after rains.  That doesn't mean we live on a planet  of constant rainbows.

Perhaps why the dreamers among us are so attracted to these movies is because we don't have stories like those in our own lives.  We live vicariously through the actors on the screen - not ever entertaining the thought that those actors leave the stage and return to their real lives absent of the magic they left on the sound stage.  They are just like us, just more visible - I'm pretty sure.

Why do these stories exist?  We don't live these stories. I think I just answered my own question.

People write these stories because they need them.  Sitting at their laptops, they  can control the narrative.  They want that for their lives so they make them come to life on page and screen.  We all go for the ride because we, too, need them.

It is 2018 today.  Write your own Hallmark script this year and then LIVE IT!