Thursday, August 02, 2007

Ahh, Bridge Travel

First thing, about this bridge collapse thing in Minneapolis, it is pretty scary for me. The bridge in Minnesota was under construction when it fell. Cars fell into the Mississippi River and on the banks below. What is frightening to me, is that I travel across a bridge over the Ohio River (which is wider than the Mississippi at Minneapolis) every day. What's more is that it, too, is currently under construction.

The twin spans on my bridge (pictured above) are designed for two lanes of traffic. One bridge has two lanes moving traffic south into Kentucky, while the other one moves it north into Indiana. While under construction, the southbound bridge is holding THREE lanes of traffic (two going south, one going north), the other is down to one lane moving north. So, if I quit blogging, and you hear about another bridge tragedy, . . .

Speaking of traffic, I am getting less and less patient with other drivers on these bridges. I routinely talk to them (although they can't hear me). You see, traffic MUST slow to 35 mph in the construction zone. In addition, drivers are not allowed to change lanes in the zone, so passing is illegal. This is because the lanes are way to narrow. People who violate these provisions will suffer double fines. Yet, people still do. The police cover this zone quite well, but they can't catch everyone. That is where my conversations originate, from the frustration over those who violate these provisions and cause other, law abiding drivers (like yours truly) additional stress when crossing these death traps.

The most common thing I say is, "Get off me!" However, speeders and passers cause me just as much consternation. I, personally, believe that people who MUST speed (I'm not talking about 5 mph over, but those who are more abusive) lack moral and ethical fiber. Somehow they believe the law doesn't apply to them. It is all about the self. Which brings me to the second most common thing I say to other drivers - in this case the police officer monitoring the bridge, "Get 'em!"


HollyGL said...

I'm right there with you, Jeff. I sold my car when I moved to Chicago, and I cannot tell you how wonderful it is not to have to deal with obnoxious drivers anymore - not counting having to deal with them as a pedestrian. :)

By the way, what does a girl have to do to get linked to your blog... ;)

Jeff said...

Whoa! So many ideas to answer that question, so little time. ;)

The most concise answer to your question is to do what you just did.

Every once in a while I ask in one of my posts if I need to add anyone to my blogroll that I read and respond to. BUT, I guess you don't read EVERYTHING, huh Steph?

Tell you what. I will drop everything I am doing and add you right now. :)

kristen said...

You talk to drivers (who can't hear you) too? I thought I was the only one. Yelling at them seems more accurate. I am one impatient driver and have little tolerance for stupidity; although I have to admit I'm aggressive behind the wheel.....but not an idiot.

HollyGL said... looking down at feet shuffling back and forth)... I don't. But I do try to keep up.

:):)Thanks for adding me :):)

Have a great weekend!!

Stepping Over the Junk said...

I agree. I hate bridges.

I owe you many comments and many emails. I am horrid friend.

Random Magus said...

I can't drive... and sometimes I am really happy about it

The Real Mother Hen said...

Here in this part of the world, bridges over rivers are not a worry as the rivers are tiny... but I do get nervous when crossing bridges over deep canyons, my legs just go weak and I find myself trying to get over with it as fast as possible.

HoosierGirl5 said...

Okay, how did I miss the fact the you live around me? Do you live in Louisville or Southern Indiana?

I worry about those bridges, too.

Drive carefully.


Charles said...

That bridge collapse gave me a chill. There is a bridge in the town of Webster, in the city I live. I heard on the news that, that bridge was built around the time of the bridge in Minneapolis. I have been on that bridge a few times. It's scary to think that it never occurred to me that a bridge could collapse. It makes me wonder what else I could be misjudging,and assuming is safe.

After reading your post...remind me again why I want to drive.