Ode to My Mother (cont'd)

When I was a sophomore in high school, my mother took me to Indiana University to tour the campus. It was a special program for prospective students. My mother never even graduated high school, but she insisted that I attend this special day. I realized only later how uncomfortable she must have been touring the campus and being trained on application procedure, etc. with parents who came from a background where such programs were old hat.

I was the first in my family to go to college. My mother gave up her newer vehicle so I could travel back and forth from campus (two and half hour drive) on the weekends and be able to have reliable transportation while I was away. Because of this, she was forced to drive a beat up old pick-up truck as her transportation. Every weekend she would pack a box full of food and scraped up as much money as she could for gas and other expenses. She did this without the help of my father who died the summer of my freshman year at college.

When I was at the hospital with her this past week on my birthday, I thought about these things. It was surreal, because on my 18th birthday, I was also at the hospital. It was the day my father died. I never got to express all the things that I should have to my father when he was around, but because God gave me some more time with my mother, I will not waste it.


Jod{i} said...

Your memories are so imprinted...And you conveyed them so well..
As a mother, I now realize and see her so differently..And since my father passed away, I see a whole other side..
Your last line? Beautiful!
Please do take this time, as now in this time...it is so precious...

Btw- You are welcome.

Emily Suess said...

First the shirt is cute, and second--I'm sure your mom realizes that she is blessed by you too.