Marley and Grogan

Last night I went to see the author of Marley and Me, John Grogan, as he discussed his book. I wrote about this book before and how it related to my own dog story. If you forgot or hadn't read it, you can find it here. I finished the book minutes before leaving to see Mr. Grogan. Finishing the book was tough because it brought me back to my own heart-ripping experience with my Griffey. I truthfully didn't know if I could finish it, but I did.

Mr. Grogan is as good a speaker as he is a writer. He is just a good story teller and I know that the couple of thousand people at the event appreciated him appearing. After he spoke, he met with anyone that was willing to wait in line to see him and have a book signed. My wife and I waited an hour, and finally had our eight second audience with this New York Times best selling author. We had something signed for our friend, Debi, who couldn't make it because of a class. She was the one that gave us OUR Marley. I told him that while he signed, but he appeared to not really listen. He must have been tired signing all these books at this stop and others. The book had been out for 14 months already.

If you are looking for a good story to read, I recommend this book - especially if you have a fondness for dogs. You will see one of your dogs in at least one of Marley's misadventures. If you read it, be ready to laugh and cry. This piece will demand both from you.


Sayre said...

How thoughtful of you guys to have a book signed for your friend! I'm sure she appreciated it.

If you waited an hour, Mr. Grogan must have been EXHAUSTED. Think about it.... travel, getting psyched for the lecture, delivering the lecture, then AT LEAST an hour of signing books and listening to fans. I dread the autograph process if/when I become a writer people might WANT an autograph from... my hand aches after writing a check!

"Marley and Me" is now officially on my to-read list. Along with "The Giver", a recommendation from another blog.

DesLily said...

Marley already looks "at home"!