I don't feel right today. I didn't sleep well, neither did the wife. The snoring problem had disappeared for the most part till last night. It kept her awake and she is even grumpier than I am. Of course, being married, a lot of the reason I am grumpy is because she is grumpy. It is a disease, I tell ya.

I have a negative outlook on a lot of things today. A year ago today, a big tornado came through this area and took 25 lives. Now, I am bombarded by the "anniversary" of it on all the TV and radio stations. I think these things should be kept on the down-low. Everything is so hyped up anymore. I lost one of the players I coached in the tornado. I was touched by it. I just don't want to be pelted with it all the time. It is the same thing with 9/11. I am just tired of hearing about it. I think victims of these tragedies should be honored - but quietly and in a dignified way.

My wife called me (because she is feeling "weird" today) and a co-worker filled her mind with "it sounds like you are pregnant". Oh brother! She needed me to tell her that it is nearly impossible. I did. I think she feels a little better.

We had our wedding reception party-thing Saturday night. It was fantastic. My sister, niece, father-in-law, his friend, my wife and I worked very hard to prepare for it. It couldn't have turned out better. Everyone raved about my chili - which I stayed up the night before making for it. We had everything from shrimp to chili. It was casual, but elegant and decorated with a Jamaican feel.

One thing that bothers me a little is that most of the guests were my wife's people. She is shy and has trouble making friends, yet all her work people showed up and many relatives traveled four hours or more to come. I had my immediate family, and an aunt/uncle combination, and about four friends with their families. One person from my work showed up for about 15 minutes. Oh, I guess I can claim our travel agent since I was the one that made all the arrangements. It is sad because all my people live HERE. Oh well, it was a nice time anyway!

I guess that is all I have to gripe about for now. I hope I feel better. :)


Sayre said...

Isn't it amazing what a bad night's sleep can churn up?

Pregnancy and PMS share a lot of symptoms - as well as ovulation. I wouldn't worry about it too much until TOM doesn't arrive. Just because you're married doesn't mean people don't expect something from you - next it's children/grandchildren. And once you provide one, they'll ask for another. It doesn't end. Better learn how to be a duck now.

I hate tragic anniversaries. Even if you don't lose someone they're awful. I still cry when I think about 911. Believe me, no one has to "remind" me.

Hope you (and your wife) get better rest tonight!!!!

Bon & Mal Mott said...

Lash yourself to the mast, me hearty. Your voyage has just begun.
It won't be easy, especially not at first, but if you can manage to find humor in situations, the choppy waters will become easier to tolerate.
We wish you a safe trip.

Bonnie & Walt

Tigger said...

Glad that your party turned out okay. Sorry about the sleep thing. I understand because now I am in the mode of I can't sleep with out Doug. Makes it very difficult when I am tired and he is not. Tawnya