Late for Winter

What an adventure! SIX FEET OF SNOW, but we had to get the syrum through. It was mush, Mush, MUSH, I tell you. Then we heard the crack like a mighty oak splitting down the middle. It was an avalanche! Aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrgggggggghhh!

Well, it wasn't quite like that, but this morning when I was walking my faithful canine Marley, it started out fine. The weather had turned a little colder since we have been having a downright balmy winter here in Indiana. Still it wasn't that bad as we walked away from the house. I heard a lot of wind in the trees, but didn't really feel much . . . until we headed back towards the house.

The wind that was only an ear stimulant was pelting us right in the face. Marley didn't care, but I sure did. It must have picked up because it seemed like I had to lean forward to get through it. Yet, I didn't feel it pushing me just minutes before.

This winter has been very strange. I like it warm. I do like to see snow every once in a while, but I do enjoy not having to lug around a coat.
Some blame the mild winter on global warming. Some credit el Nino. I don't care, but I like it. One can get spoiled, however.
Michelle tagged me about - wanting me to describe six weird things about me. You can see my quirks here where I already listed them back in December. You can check out Michelle's unique list at "Once upon a time . . ."

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