I am starting the busiest time of year at work now. It won't get slow again until mid March. That will probably mean posting less often and reading other blogs less also. I will still be able to things a couple of times a week, but not as much as I would like.

A number of people have added me to their blog rolls lately. I appreciate that. I have to update mine soon, so if I have commented on your blog, and you aren't presently listed on mine, let me know. Further, if I hadn't commented on your site and you want me to check it out, let me know. However, it IS busy season, so be patient with me.

Okay, I have one rant today for you. It involves rap or more accurately rappers. Why do they "name" themselves something strange? Why do they even have a "rap name"? Isn't "Sean Combs" enough? Why have all this "Diddy" business?

Listen up, rappers, YOU ARE NOT A BAND! You have a name. As crazy as Michael Jackson is, he didn't go by Prince Poppa Mac.

I can understand why bands have a name. I mean who would buy a record from a group called "Paul, John, George, and Ringo"? However, Paul McCartney has always done pretty well in his solo career by putting "Paul McCartney" on his albums.

However, we have Snoop, Ja Rule (what is that?), and my personal favorite - 50 Cent. You know, I may just change my mind about this topic. Maybe I will just out-gangsta Curtis Jackson (50 Cent). Maybe I should change my name to Fitty Sin. Nice ring to it, no? My new blog name could be Psycho Wit by Fitty Sin. Yeah man, that is tight!


Anonymous said...

I'm thinking you need to trade mark the name "fitty sin" quick, before some aspiring young artist will snatch it up...hehe...I'm sure Paris Hilton would think it was "HOT"

Yes, pretty please, if you can add me to your blogroll, that would be swell.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear...I just got one of those stupid chain letter tag things, and you know what? I tagged you as one of the 6 people. Apologies. LOL.
(although, i'm looking forward to read the 6 weird things about you)


Anonymous said...

I hate the rapper-name thing. It just strikes me as another stupid pose by people who don't know how to dress or how to sing or how to make music. Can you tell that I can't stand rap?

Anonymous said...

Michelle: I will try to add you to my blogroll today.

I have already done that "tag" so it is cool that you did. I will leave the link to it here and on my next post:


Sayre: C'mon, don't hold back. You are entitled to your opinion. What do you REALLY think about rap? ;)

Nikki said...

I have to say that the whole rapper name has never made sense to me either.

Maybe I should do some country rap and name myself something along the lines of "saltine" or "white suga"

What cha think?

Bon & Mal Mott said...

Rappers, wethinks, seek to distinguish themselves from the masses of the great unwashed by applying to themselves these 'unusual' appelations. We're waiting for the singer who styles himself 'Just Another Pusher.'