Gimme a Break!

Now that the Superbowl has been over for a few days, all the weirdoes and malcontents are coming out of the woodwork to complain about something. It is unbelievable. People are even talking about how the commercials weren’t as good this year – like we are entitled to be entertained by corporate America. However, there are two things that really take the cake this year when it comes to complaining. One is complaining about Prince’s performance and supposed phallic symbol silhouette he projected. The other bit of controversy stems from one of the aforementioned commercials.

I watched the Prince halftime show. I have always admired Prince’s music although it has been in the past a little bit too risqué for my taste. However, I didn’t notice the silhouette being particularly vulgar. Maybe I just didn’t notice it; I don’t know. However, because I didn’t, I think maybe those who saw it as nasty were looking for it. To me, that makes those people having the problem rather than Prince.

As far as the commercial, it was the Snickers commercial with the two redneck mechanic-types finding themselves in a lip-lock while trying to eat the same candy bar. They, being grossed out over their man kiss, start doing manly things like ripping out their chest hair.

Gay groups are saying that the commercial and the theme was promoting gay bashing and homophobia. Snickers felt enough pressure from them that they felt the need to pull the commercial from airplay. GIVE ME A BREAK.

Since when do these slobby, Larry, the Cable Guy types looked at as role models? If the two men were a couple of lawyers with suits on at a conference table, it wouldn’t have been funny (not that it was to begin with). It is just ridiculous that people have to walk on eggshells just to tell a joke or make truthful observations. I have news for the groups that find this commercial as promoting gay-bashing: The folks that would view these characters in the commercial as role models are already lost causes for you! Let them go!

One writer was offended that Colt’s coach Tony Dungy is scheduled to speak at the Indiana Family Institute and that made him anti-gay. I did a little research about this group and discovered that it is a pro-family, Christian group that is affiliated somehow with Focus on the Family. I read the mission statement and it doesn’t say ANYTHING about being an anti-gay group. Sure, being a Christian affiliated group, they aren’t all about the pro-gay platform, but the mission statement is all about strengthening marriages. Read it for yourself.

Coach Dungy is a strong, outspoken Christian. Part of being a Christian is to share his faith. If he didn’t, he would be not be true to the convictions of his faith. If Tony Dungy can’t follow his own personal and spiritual convictions just because he is a successful public figure, then we as a society have bigger problems than worrying about commercial contents or musicians’ performances.


Jerry Novick said...


Nikki said...

I think they were pulling out their chest hair so that it would be smooth for each other. hehehehehe

Yes, I'm sick.

Nikki said...

I think they were pulling out their chest hair so that it would be smooth for each other. hehehehehe

Yes, I'm sick.

kimber said...

Ah, once again, I am happy that I live in the proverbial cave! :D

Charles said...

I was just grossed out by the commercial. I wasn't think about gay or lesbians, and I wasn't thinking about controversy. "I was just thinking, I never want to see that commercial again. LOL

Why do people in general have to blow things out of proportion. I didn't here anything about the "Grand Theft Auto parody" commercial. You know why because it was a good commercial. But it was based on a very violent video game.