American Idol Judges Biased Against Christianity

It seems that Randy, Paula, and Simon are all about the contestants singing songs that they feel or finding who they are in music. Appearances are deceiving, however, especially if the contestants' musical choices are related to the spiritual – particularly Christianity. I am not saying that it is all a conscious bias, but in my opinion, it is a bias nonetheless.

Last season, Mandisa sang a very energetic song called “Shackles”. It is by a Christian group called “Mary Mary.” It was perfect for her high power, soulful style. However, she was criticized by the judges – especially Simon Cowell who thought that her song choice was a little "too indulgent".

Fast forward to Tuesday night. Chris Sligh surprised me with the song, “We All Want To Be Loved,” by DC Talk. DC Talk is a defunct Christian group who some consider the best Christian Rock/Pop group in history.

On a lackluster night of performers, Sligh was obviously in the elite. His voice was powerful and the song (one of his favorites) was catchy and positive. It didn’t have any overt Christian messages. However, for whatever reason, the three judges were unanimous in saying it was a bad song choice. For me, all three of the judges criticizing the song was eerie. I won't share what I said to my wife about it, but I was kind of creeped out about it.
I am sure the judges never heard of "We All Want To Be Loved", but they never heard of the group “311” either, but they didn’t hold that against Blake Lewis with his version of “All Mixed Up”. Simon even said that that he didn’t understand a word of it but he liked it.

All I ever here Simon say is, "this is a “singing contest!” On a night where the singing was sub par, Chris Sligh was VERY good – song choice or not.

I doubt too many people are concerned about this. As a Christian, I see this kind of thing all the time. I finally have a outlet to vent about it. So, I’m venting.


Nikki said...

This took me by surprise too....and I really liked Mandiva from last season.

Chris said...

Ok, I was going to say, "What about the theme from Brian's Song" but since you nailed number 1 so well, I'll let it slide.....sniff sniff

Chris said...

Oopss.....the prior comment was supposed to be with the next entry....sorry:)

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