Thursday Thirteen #11 - Update on 2007 Predictions.

It has been a while. I have been very occupied with my job and being gone the past few weekends. I warned you, however.

Even though I am taking time for this TT, I am not out of the woods when it comes to my busy-ness. I do see the light at the end of the tunnel, though.

For this TT, I have decided to check on my thirteen 2007 predictions. Here they are:

1. President Bush's popularity numbers will go up in the next few months, but bottom out again towards the end of the year.

So far this hasn’t panned out. However, if the surge success reports are true, this could change soon. Give me one more month on this.

2. Some celebrity that we would not think had the moral credentials to guide kids will write a children's book.

Not yet.

3. A celebrity will convert to Christianity and will talk too much about it.

It is still too soon to tell.

4. A female celebrity will die and it will be drug/alcohol related.

Unfortunately, yes. Anna Nicole Smith died of an accidental overdose of prescription drugs.

5. The San Diego Chargers will beat the Philadelphia Eagles in the
Super Bowl.

I was way off on this one. However, I did not come to this prediction like the others. Most of these were gut feelings that border on a supernatural feeling. This one, like another later, was made out of my misguided notion that I know something about sports.

6. Someone who reads this blog will make a life-changing decision and it will work out great for him/her.

This one is a little tricky. I have heard from a couple of people that this may appy to. If the decision is made during 2007, maybe we won’t know if it worked out till later. So far so good, though. I would say this is a yes, although I am not at liberty to discuss the particulars at this point. You will just have to trust me.

7. There will be a surge in video game playing among baby boomers - and there will surface one particular game that will usher these people in.

Again, this is too soon to tell. I am thinking about autumn here for some reason.

8. This summer will be one of the hottest ever in the midwest.

By definition, this is too soon to tell. I can say where I am, the temperatures for the past three weeks have been running six weeks ahead of time (e.g. the weather guy today said that the recent temperatures are normal for early May).

9. There will be a new pest related problem (insect, etc.) that will either threaten people's health or damage major agricultural production.

Still too early. This is a summer issue.

10. A high school kid will make the ultimate sacrifice to save the lives of a number of people and will be proclaimed a hero.

Not yet.

11. Something will happen that will put Omaha, Nebraska on the news for a number of days.

Not that I know of yet.

12. The Boston Red Sox will win the World Series.

This is the other intellectual pick. Maybe I will know more about baseball than I do football, but I doubt it.

13. There will be horrendous killing somewhere in the US that will inspire at least one copy-cat killing.

Not that I heard of. There is still time, however, but I hope I am wrong. Wouldn’t it be weird if this is what would put Omaha in the news as I predicted in #11?
So, if you are scoring at home, here is where it stands: I have hit two correct, missed one and have ten incompletes. That gives me a poor score of 67%. Stay tuned!


Jod{i} said...

I am thinking number 10 is a good possibilty. I could swear there was something on tv news recently...was it the tornado that ripped through the high school? I thought...

Charles said...

I think I will give some predictions a shot at the end of the year and see if I am Nostradamus. LOL

I think I saw that post but I forgot to comment, and I remember thinking that a celebrity could die from a overdose, but I was thinking someone along the lines of Whitney Houston. I didn't see Anna Nicole Smith's death coming.

DesLily said...

hmmm most of these "predicitions" are pretty much downers.. I suspect you don't see a very good year for 2007...then again, that's most likey an overall good prediction!..

Sayre said...

I don't know about the summer temperatures, but our spring is having a record pollen fall. It looks like greeny-brown snow all over the place. If you live in the south, buy stock in allergy sprays!

Cathy said...

Regarding #10.. I'm not sure if this is what Jod{i} was referring to above, but there was a young man, he didn't save many, but there was one confirmed life that he saved.

His name was Andrew J. Jackson, 16 years old, who died after saving a fellow student during a tornado hit that took place on March 1 at an Enterprise, Alabama high school.

Witnesses reported that Jackson held up a falling concrete beam long enough for another student to escape, and was then crushed by it.

The story is here if you want to read about it. Personally I think it should count.

Jeff said...

Jodi and Groovy: Oh yeah, I do remember that. I was too busy to think about it in terms of my predictions. Well, groovy! My percentage just went up! Color me at 75%!

Charles: Yeah, give it a shot. I didn't know who the celebrity would be - just had a gut feeling. Many predicted Britney Spears, or Lindsey Lohan.

DesLily: Yeah, I mentioned that it was a downer back when I predicted it. I don't think it had any indications of my mood at the time; it was more like reading my mind's newspaper.

Sayre: Fortunately for me, I don't suffer from allergies. It is a non-issue for me, except as it affects those I care about (like you).

Crud! I forgot to put the link to my original prediction post. Oh well, it is probably too late now.

Chris said...

#5 could still happen....maybe your prediction was for the Superbowl of the 2007 season, which of course, occurs in 2008.

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