Tagged - Facing the M-Word

Hollyphany from Remedial Rumination tagged me. I will get to that tag in a moment. First, I decided to face my biggest bloggordial fear, the MEME. As most of you know, I hate that word. No one asked me why I hated it, which was good because I didn't really have a good reason. It looked to me like it was just made up and inched its way into this blogger subculture that I found my self in. I hate subcultures, too, although I am constantly finding myself in them. I just think it takes too much nerve to make up a word like that (or like bloggordial, for that matter) just to coyly smile at fellow blog-subculture freaks. People were too easily sucked into it, too. To me, it was just an exercise, not anything worthy of a made-up word like "meme".

Well, like so many other idiots who just form opinions and blabber without investigation, I forged my hatred of the word. Today, something got into me. I actually looked into the word and found it legitimate. Imagine that - I thought I knew everything (maybe I do now). Meme (which is pronounced in a way that makes it rhyme with "theme", stupid me prounounced in my head like "them") was coined by biologist Richard Dawkins back in the '70's. It is attributed to a cultural piece of information that is easily spread to others.

Now that I have faced my fear and only found my own ignorance, I now proclaim that the word "meme" is legitimate and not to be shunned anymore. I hate it no longer, but I still kind of don't like it.

That being stated, the meme that I am addressing today is what "10 things make life grand for me". If it had three more, I could have used it yesterday for Thursday Thirteen which my busy-ness made me blow off this week. Here is today's exercise:

1. One thousand dollars (sorry).
2. Steak, egg and cheese bagels from McD's (a.k.a. "the world's greatest breakfast sandwich").
3. My work environment (I am my own boss and I don't share an office).
4. The unconditional love that I have only found from my dogs and God.
5. The love of a good woman (yeah I know it is #5, but my wife drives me nuts half the time).
6. My mom - as close to unconditional love as I get from a human being.
7. Diet Coke with Lime (when I can get it).
8. Getting lost in fantasy football.
9. Crab Rangoon from Evansville's Yen Ching. You haven't had it till you had it from there!
10. The peace I have with the security of my eternal destination. Not fearing death is invaluable.

I tried to leave off grand things like sunsets on the waterfront, or candlelight dinners. They are universal and cliche'. Of course I could have had a decent TT with those two and say a quiet layer of white on Christmas or something such as that.

Who to tag? I know. I will tag two people I never hear from anymore. Ari, the one who tagged me last time, Laura, from Adventures in Juggling, and Charles from Am I Thinking That? Now, Charles I do hear from some; I just want to know in particular what he thinks. :)


Sayre said...

Ha! I thought of you the other day while shopping for my son's birthday party. I visited the soda aisle (I NEVER go there), and discovered cases of Diet Coke with Lime. Then I wondered if Jeff and his lovely wife might ever drive to north Florida for a vacation - with an empty trailer.

Anonymous said...

See? It wasn't so bad, was it? ...and you came up with a great list! Thanks for playing. ;)

Emily Suess said...

So you and the word "meme" are like a beautiful metaphor for Dwight and Andy from "The Office." You know: Shun! Unshun!

Unknown said...

I saw your comments on hollygl's blog and wanted to check out your blog.
I am glad I did.

Ari said...

Everytime I hear that someone likes a drink with lime in it, I think of that song "Lime in the coconut". The Muppets did that song once. Pure chaos.

And yeah, the Yen Ching restaurants do have the best crab rangoon. I mean, other than my best friend's mother. Ya know, just in case she reads this.

I think I shall do this one. The greatest thing about these types of memes is that you get to see the quirks from each of us. I like quirks.


Tigger said...

That was a great list.... Sorry that I don't get by much. And thanks for your comments... Tawnya

Jod{i} said...

* As I run to edit my Meme tag from "Holly"...take those sunrise sunsets off...crap now what do I have?

tee hee...great list I love number one!

Laura said...

here you go.

you can only blame yourself if you are tired of me saying your name after reading this.
thanks for the tag, my friend.

Chris said...

#5 She only drives you crazy 1/2 the time? You'd better hold on to that woman! ha ha ha

Have a Great weekend!
My Blog

Jeff said...

Sayre: Shoot, my wife was in her hometown this past week and didn't even bring me any of the stuff. Last time I was there with her, I brought back 11 cases. I have one 12 oz can of it left - saving it for a special occasion (like getting more of it).

Holliphany: You don't mind my nick for you, do you? If you do mind, I will stop. It just helps me keep you straight. :) Thanks for tagging me.

Two WRITE hands: Yeah, that's right. FACT: bears like beets.

Jeff said...

Random Magus: Thanks for coming by. I am glad you are glad. I will stop by your blog and check it out.

Ari: They actually used that song in their promotion. Fortunately, I don't see that promotion anymore, lest it be rubbed in my face that I can't get it. I don't think the Yen Ching restaurants are connected. That would be quite a coincidence if they all had great crab rangoon. I will check out your version soon.

Tigger: Hey, good to "see" you. I am glad you are still lurking around.

Jeff said...

Jodi: You are so fun!

Laura: Can I help it if I miss you? I can't help it if you are so charming that I wonder about you. Well, at least you USED to be. ;)

Chris: Yeah, but the half the time she drives me nuts are so potent, that it KEEPS me crazy until I get another dose of her dementia. (only kidding honey). I am so glad she doesn't read this. :)

Anonymous said...

Meme does seem like a much less stupid word now, and that it's like theme makes it less stupid as well. In my head I say it mee-mee. I shall now try to think of it as meem.