Birthday Recap

My birthday started off pretty well. Uneventful at work; no one knew it was my birthday.

In the afternoon, I took off work and went to a movie matinee with my wife. We saw Sicko, the Michael Moore documentary. I won't get into it too much in this post, but I do recommend all Americans to see this movie. Even if you aren't American and want to feel superior to America, you should see this film. I may post more about it in the future. The link I have here has some pretty interesting stories about it - worth checking out.

After the movie, we had a nice early dinner at Biaggi's. It was a very pleasant and not at all crowded at that time of the day. A friend at work, gave us a gift card as a wedding gift, so we used that. Otherwise, we wouldn't have been able to eat there until something financially goes our way.

Afterwards, we went back to the house where we were hosting my mother and my sister for a little birthday get together. The trouble is my wife got a migraine and went to bed before they got there. So, we didn't do the cake thing, since my wife was the one who got it. We did LOOK at the cake, though. It was from a Donut Bank Bakery, which is a local fixture. They make the best cakes. Because I am a Cincinnati Bengal fan, the cake was white with orange and black docorations and lettering.

The message on the cake was, "Happy Who-Dey, Jeff". I'll explain: There is an expression around Cincinnati that boosts the Bengals. Of course, it is "Who Dey?!" It is part of a longer chant that goes like this: "Who Dey, Who Dey! Who dey think gonna beat dem Bengals?!?" I thought it was a little clever for my wife to think of that for the cake.

We ended up cutting the cake the next day. Considering how BAD my birthdays have been, it was a pretty good day. Of course, that is a topic for another time.

Thanks for all the well wishes I got in blogland. It is a pity that I didn't get any cash from you, lol, but just the fact that you think of me on my birthday is gift enough. Thanks again, from the bottom of my heart!


Friend of God said...

Am i the first? it feels good to be the first to drop a comment.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had a good birthday, Jeff. You certainly deserved it. :)

goddessdivine said...

Happy belated birthday.

I can't stand Michael Moore; but I won't rain on your parade. I don't know you well enough to breathe fire on your blog ;-)

But it sounds like you had a pretty good day, and that's what counts.

Unknown said...

My gift's in the mail!
Happy Birthday again - may it be a fantabulous year!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! Sicko was amazing, huh? Your cake sounded super-customized for you.

Knock knock - it's cancer! said...

Jeff - Happy birthday! How young are you this year?

Jod{i} said...

Happy Birthday!!!
Sounds like a a good day!

Here's to more!

Stepping Over the Junk said...

I am SOOOOOO delayed here! Happy Birthday, Mister! The cake sounds fantabulous! (orange? YOU ATE ORANGE CAKE!!!!???)

Shan said...

lol, we'll need to have your paypal email address before we can send you cash :P

Sayre said...

I hope your future birthdays are wonderful!

Jeff said...

Friend of God: Congratulations on being the first? :)

Steph: Thanks.

Kristen: Breathe away. I have had to learn not to throw away the baby with the bath water. No matter what one may feel about Michael Moore, he had something relevant to say in "Sicko", IMO. Thanks for the birthday wishes! :)

Jeff said...

Random: The mail is obviously slow. ;)

Rhea: Thanks. Yep, and yep.

OneFullHouse: Thanks, and not young enough. Maybe next year.

Stepping Over: The cake only had a few orange balloons (icing). Not too weird.

Shan: That can be arranged. ;)

Sayre: Thanks a bunch!