Friendship, Gas Prices, and "Dude"

Some things that are on my mind . . .

I want to thank those of you who expressed your concern over my current situation. I want to publicly thank them and tell others where they can find them. If you want to read blogs from good and caring folks, try these:

Sayre - She's been part of my blog family from the beginning.

Jaquandor - He runs a very interesting and popular blog. He doesn't comment much, but that makes his comment here very special.

Kristen - I can't link to her because she has a private blog. We butt heads on a lot of issues, but I love her and wouldn't know what to do without her comments.

Michelle - She is my true friend from across the Atlantic. She has earned my trust in short order - which must mean she is a great gal!

The Real Mother Hen - Her name says it all. She is the only blog friend I have where I have a standing invitation to come out to her place for a visit! (Not that I blame the rest of you guys! :) )

Kristarella - This one has a good mind, a good heart, and a spirit connected with God.

Chris - a fellow dude (which is rare in blogland), a good cook, and an excellent charactor. Check him out.

Hoosiergirl - maybe the most friendly and outgoing gal on the net. I envy her ability to put it out there and make friends out the wazoo! She always makes me smile.

Bassman (the instrument not the fish) - Russell is relatively new to my blog world. Truthfully, I have a hard time reading his blog because he is estatically happy with his love life and upcoming nuptuals with his beloved Matchgirl. He is really good and genuine guy.

Thanks guys!


I am considering a change to my "NEWS FLASH". Instead of the "L" for "love", I am considering it standing for "lunacy" - even if it is just temporary.

It is time for the diet/exercise program to surface in my life. It is warm enough now to be doing things outside. Now, if it would just quit raining! Dang it, boy! This isn't Seattle, why all the rain?


Is there anything funnier than the "Dude" (Bud Light) commercials on TV? You know, the ones that offer a million messages that can be sent just with the word, "dude"? I rather enjoy commercials that are more concerned with entertaining me, than trying to sell me something. You can check one of these out here.

There starting construction on the bridge I must travel on every day. They did this to the other span last year and it makes for a grueling summer. You can read about me complaining about it last year here. What's the odds that someone is eager to "hear" me complain about it and hit that link?

I have a regular reader from Nebraska, but I don't know who it is. It is driving me crazy for no apparent reason. So, if you be the one, let me know with feedback or email me. I would greatly appreciate it and would be your friend for life.

I filled up my gas tank today at a station that was slow changing their prices from $3.11 to $3.32 like most had already. You know, I wish they would get Hurricane Katrina cleaned up already. You remember Hurricane Katrina, the reason that gas prices jumped $1.50 - $2.00 per gallon in one day. The prices have never come back down. It is all too fishy. I will be glad when someone who doesn't have ties to the oil industry moves in at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenune, Washington D.C. I know many will say it has nothing to do with the president, but I am not a believer in coincidences.


I am going to have a countdown on the most searched posts from this blog. I will do the top 3 or 5 - haven't decided yet. They keep popping up on google searches so there must be something to them, no?

In the next NEWS FLASH, in addition to the "lunacy" change, I am going to endorse a presidential candidate.

Also, I am in the mood to lay all opinions out on the line. If you want my opinion on something, ask me in feedback or send me an email. I will tell you whatever (God, politics, sports, love, family, marriage, race relations, books, movies, I can't think of anything off limits). This offer is for a limited time only - you have to catch me in the mood and right now you have. I will do two or three of these - if I get that many.



Chris said...

I like the Dude commercial but I have to counter it with the one that says Bud Light comes with see through vision and the girl is watching the hunk with the jack hammer (seeing through his clothes) when the fat supervisor walks up (and she sees through his clothes!)

Anonymous said...

Nice, that commercial is pretty good. I like American commercials, they're better than Australian ones!

Except for the Not Happy Jan Yellow Pages commercial. Not sure if this one is a classic, but it was all the rage when it was on TV.

Anonymous said...

Chris: I wonder why beer companies make the best commercials.

Kristarella: Haven't seen that commercial. Maybe I will try to look it up on youtube.

Jeff said...

I mean look AT it on youtube. Thanks for the link.

goddessdivine said...

Ah, thanks Jeff. What a sweetheart you are.

Although, I'm going to have to disagree with you on the gas thing. Supply and demand. I blame the environmental nazis who haven't let us open up new drilling for 25 years.

Love your picture.

Jod{i} said...

Shouldnt shock you, but I say "dude" all the time(I so age myself)


I love the insurance commercial(progressive I think) the guy with the mullet and the lady eating the fake fruit? Cracks me up!

Charles said...

I bet I missed my chance at asking you a question....


Jodi said...

You love me, you really love me! Hey, you don't have a standing invitation to visit, but we DO have a standing coffee date! I'm sorry things are going so rough for you.


Sayre said...

Great picture! There are days when I feel like I've got a fork in my brain too...

Thanks for the nod - but you know, I wouldn't keep coming back if you weren't interesting to read. I will continue to return and cheer you on - wherever the road of life takes you.

I filled up my little compact car the other day... $37.00. Even a little car is costing a fortune to fill up!

Jeff said...

Kristen: Yeah, I already mentioned on your blog that the OPEC global control of oil production would make any Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) drilling inconsequential. But whatever, you and your GOP company line. ;) I still love ya!

Jodi: Nope you "sound" like a "dude-sayer". :)

Charles: Heck no! Ask away!

Hoosiergirl: Okay, coffee in . . . Santa Claus, IN sometime.

Sayre: I know, Sayre, you are a true friend. I think you would even come back if you started finding me boring.

Jodi said...

Okay, you're on. Now, when?

I'm on spring break THIS week (hint, hint).