Psychosomatic Wit Makes Presidential Endorsement

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This will be a two-part of the NEWS FLASH. The first part will just be about the "News" portion of it - the much anticipated Psychosomatic Wit presidential endorsement.

NEWS - As promised, I am prepared to make my endorsement for the presidency of the United States. I honestly believe that this year is the best crop of candidates for president than any other year I can remember. Perhaps it has something to do with enduring the bottom of the barrel with GW Bush.

The Pros and Cons of the Candidates:

John McCain - I was actually prepared to vote for McCain back in 2004. I liked him. He wasn't all about the company line and saw the unfairness of the Bush tax cuts and also took a firm stand against the torture of prisoners. However, since Bush ambushed him in South Carolina in the 2004 primary, he has since had his nose too far up W's behind for me to be comfortable with him. He should forgive Bush's tactics in South Carolina, but not forget. This and the fact that he flip-flopped on his stance on the Bush tax cuts, makes me question his character. Add these things and the fact that he might as well be GW Bush when it comes to the war in Iraq, one finds that McCain will hardpressed to earn my endorsement and for that matter, the presidency.

Hillary Clinton - I was excited at the prospect that one of the best candidates in the field just happened to be a woman. Here is a woman that has had some experience in executive branch already. She has also seen the government from the legislative standpoint by serving in the senate for the past eight years. However, she is not very likeable as a person, according to most polls, and she also doesn't come off as very honest. Exaggerating about the "fire zone" she landed in during a Bosnia trip (complete with smiling children) didn't do too much to fix that reputation. There is also the whole Bush/Clinton fatigue factor where people are sick of either a Bush or a Clinton being the president.

Barack Obama - This is truly a fresh face in American politics. Obama has a charm about him that many find irresistable, almost unfathomable. Often one hears his supporters say something akin to, "There is something about him." He claims to not take lobbyist money which is a big positive. He was one of the first to speak oposition to the war in Iraq and he inspires hope and a whole new group of voters that may have never entertained the idea of getting into the political process without his candidacy. However, he has very little experience and has no real accomplishments under his belt.
* * *
I decided to pick my president in much the same manner I would pick someone to run my company. I would first look at vision and then to qualifications.
My vision of this country right now includes getting us out of the quagmire in Iraq, fixing our economy, and working towards universal healthcare. Because of this, I have to dismiss John McCain off-hand. Although I believe he WANTS to fix the economy, his economic plans (including making the unfair tax cuts permanent) is too compatible with GW Bush who trashed the economy in the first place. He has no desire for universal healthcare and he plans on a US presence in Iraq for the next 100 years. Although he compares this to our military presence in countries like Germany, Iraq is a whole other animal. It would take years and many American lives to get to a state where we can have a peaceful presence in Iraq. For now, it is just unrealistic and really, unwanted at this point.
I believe that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton both share the same kind of vision of this country as I do. So, I have to turn to their resume's. Obama served in state government in Illinois for about eight years. He has been in the US Senate for three years. In the senate, he boasts of spear heading ethics reform, although when examined closely, he wasn't THAT instrumental. Obama's best attribute is his ability to inspire hope - which shouldn't be dismissed.
Hillary Clinton has a well-rounded background for the job. Although people like to downplay her role as first lady, in the Clinton White House, she was privy to every discussion and a lot of behind the scenes policy-making. She was the head of an effort to get universal healthcare for the US. It failed because of a combination of things, but she hopefully learned something on how to get things done from the executive branch. Her eight years as senator from New York has shown her both sides of the government as it purtains to Congress and the president working together.
When deciding between these two, I had to decide what was more important, her experience or his inspiration and fresh ideas. What would a good company decide in appointing its leader. For me, it was all too practical of a decision.
PSYCHOSOMATIC WIT endorses Hillary Clinton.
This country would be better served if Clinton was the next president. Although Obama would probably be acceptable, he is only 46 years old. His age doesn't disqualify him nor should it be held against him. However, with Clinton being 60, this country has a chance at both of them being commander in chief if it desires. Clinton has the experience and vision right now, while Obama can only improve in that area with time. It would behove this country for Clinton to take her term with Obama gaining a position to better enhance a future presidency. Obama surely knows this, but doesn't care. His ambition is more important to him, it seems, than this country. As the famous psychiatrist Smiley Blanton stated, "The desire for success lubricates secret prostitutions in the soul."
If Obama is elected this year, then he will be finished serving this country in any powerful capacity at the age of 56. That is too many years wasted when he could be serving and learning for the next four to eight years and then serving as president.
There is still the concept of yet "another Clinton in the White House", the dreaded Clinton fatigue, the ol' returning the '90's. I think Bill Clinton handled this issue the best in a stump speech. He stated, "When people say the ’90s weren’t all that great, Hillary likes to say, ‘What didn’t you like? The peace or the prosperity?'"
* * *
NEWS FLASH will continue next time. Stay tuned


Jodi said...

Hillary Clinton? I am shocked. I figured you for a conservative like me. I just don't think I can vote for her. I have absolutely no respect for Bill Clinton - how can she be far behind him? But I do like your analysis of the candidates.

Besides, I don't think the "good ol' boy" system in Washington will let a woman win.


Sayre said...

I also think Hillary would make a good president. She has the political maturity that Obama lacks and that could be a very important factor in getting out of Iraq as gracefully as possible. However, if she doesn't win the nomination, I have few qualms about voting for Obama. It's just gonna be weird having a president that's the same age as me. They're supposed to be older and wiser. Next thing you know, there will be a "young whipper-snapper" in there for me to shake my cane at.

I also agree with you about McCain. If he had actually made it to ballot in 2004, he'd have been my man. But I totally lost respect for him when he caved to the party line and did such an about face on GW and his policies.

GW has done more harm to this country than I could have believed possible. But I'd wager that his bank account is quite healthy now.

Jeff said...

Hoosiergirl: You're shocked? I am shocked that you figure me to fall into ANY ideological party line. I am an independent. I find that most people figure out what party they want to be in and form opinions on issues based on their party or ideological affiliation. I am the OPPOSITE. I have an opinion on just about EVERY issue. Then, I look to see what candidate shares most of these issue stances with me. I could care less what party or ideology a candidate has, only that he/she will operate in the way that I think is in the best interest of the country. If you study the issues and figure out what YOU care about, you will see that one party or ideology doesn't have all the answers.

You make a good point about folks "not letting a woman win." However, you wouldn't think that an African-American would have a shot, either. I can honestly say that either a woman or an African-American WILL BE the next president. I already predicted that Obama will win in a previous NEWS FLASH. Still, I must be true to my own intellect when endorsing a candidate.

Sayre: I guess we better get over the "president being my age or younger" stigma. I went through this once when my sports heroes started being younger than me. You get used to it. :)

goddessdivine said...

Funny; I think this is the worst crop of candidates ever (now that Romney is out).

While I'm not president of the GW fan club, I still like him. The media has been way too harsh on him and painted him as this evil villain. I back the war in Iraq and I believe in tax cuts. But with tax cuts we need spending cuts, which he has not been good at. The size and power of govt needs to be down-sized.

Jeff said...

Oh Kristen! You don't think there are any good candidates because they are all on the other side of the aisle from you. Would you ever consider voting for a Democrat? lol

As for Bush, he may be the worst president that we have ever had. I can't think of one thing that he has done in his two terms that made things better. No wait, he did do a good job with Aids in Africa. I respect him for that.

Besides that, though, he took an economy that was finally in the black and trashed it - now we are in a recession. He put us in a war that was unnecessary and cost more American lives than the 9/11 tragedy, he has trampled on our liberties with his "anti-terrorists" tactics. My gosh, Kristen, other than the fact he might be a decent guy to talk to, why do you like him? You should dislike him, Kristen, because he has probably set the Republican party back ten years in respect and popularity.

goddessdivine said...

They're not all on the other side of the aisle.....although they may as well be. I'd vote for Zell Miller if he ever ran.

No, Bush is not the worst. Carter, Nixon, Clinton....all come to mind.

We were in the black until 9/11 hit; our country just hasn't fully recovered from that. I think blaming Bush is a scapegoat. During his presidency home ownership has been at an all time high (esp among blacks), unemployment was at an all-time low, and we've had no other terrorists attacks on U.S. soil. I don't think people grasp what has been done to protect us. There are fascists out there who want to kill us. This is why I support the war on terror. After two years of fighting in the Revolutionary War, it grew quite unpopular. I doubt anyone would consider that a waste.

Our liberties have been trampled by groups like the ACLU and even Congress. Bush has alienated folks in the Republican party because he is not tough enough. He has folded to the whims of special interest groups and the likes of Pelosi and Reid.

Laura said...

it's been awhile since i have been able to stop by. a pretty good analysis you offer here. thanks for the insight.
take care. i know life has been harsh for you lately.

Jeff said...

Kristen: My response got a bit too long so I am saving it for a blog entry instead. Stay tuned. I hope you will still love me even though I disagree with much of what you stated and tend to express it in a way that may be a bit cheeky.

I am just glad that SOMEONE wants to debate from time to time. ;)

Laura: Hey! Long time no see! Glad you stopped by.