The Real Dope

I thought I would take this opportunity to give you an update about how I am. My divorce will be final in a couple of weeks. My soon to be ex-wife, is moving away next week. We are getting along and things are as nice as they can be. She even talks of a friendship.

As for me, the pain of it all is not as excruciating as it was. When the good book states that He will not give us more than we can bear, this is an example of the truth of that. Of course, He makes no bones about taking us right to the threshold. However, with the debilitating pain gone, I still have my job, home, and the support of family and friends. Even though I can function, there is still a cloud of somberness that I live in. I am sure that it will pass, too. The worst is over.

I went back and republished all the posts that I removed back when life and criticism was too much to bear. It is a record and it documents who I really am, not the person I wish I could be.

One thing that I did get putting those posts back on this blog was that it afforded me the opportunity to get back in touch with my writing. I had kind of lost that. I have a spark of motivation now to continue to write - not only for this blog, but for my own literary pursuits. I will take the blessings wherever I find them.


Michelle said...

Good to have you back. :-)

Jodi said...

You will survive! PLEASE call me!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm happy you're moving into more of a healing place. Remember to give yourself credit for getting through this. That's really important. God is always there for support, but, truly, its you who makes the choices and ultimately pulls yourself through.

btw, I checked in on you every few days while you were MIA.

Chris said...

It sounds like you are on the right path for you. I am hoping that this leads to something better for you.

Anonymous said...

Writing has saved me many a time! Ignore negativity, even if it comes. Learn from it. Learn to brush it aside.

Sayre said...

THERE'S my boy!!! Good to see you back among the living. I know things are tough, but it can be worse. I admire your strength of character and the grace with which you are getting through it.

I have a little bloggy award for you over on my blog.