Shifting Into Gear

Now that I am finished ranting about the government and high gas prices, I guess I will get back to looking at life in general – as it creeps up and scares the bejesus out of me. I decided I had to turn up the heat on my workout program. Don’t you hate it when people talk about their workouts? I know I do, so in keeping up with the hypocritical program that I am on, I will talk about it while it is on my mind.

I now run AND weight lift everyday. The old program was one or the other. It is just that it is already July and my wedding is in October. October used to be way off. Now it is staring me in the face. I owe it to my bride, myself, and everyone that wished they married in Jamaica to look good for it.

The problem has been that I have been fudging on my eating, without actually eating fudge. I never ate desserts or junk, really, I just didn't pay too much attention to it other than that. Now, I have decided to go on a soup and salad diet as well as my extra workouts. I went to the store and bought all the least taste-tempting soups (vegetable – no meat, chicken noodle, etc.) to eat for lunch and dinner (or as they say in my neck of the woods – supper). All the soups I will eat for the next couple of months will be water-based. Yum!

My question for the both of you (I figure I get about two people to read this junk – and if one of you is a Bushie, I have probably just have one now ;) ), is do you have any tips about eating low calorie? I am eating soup, salad with low calorie dressing, and oatmeal for breakfast. I will mix it up from time to time with a low calorie TV dinner, or a grilled chicken breast. That is about it. Oh yeah, I am keeping it to small portions. I have also figured out that if I brush my teeth often or use mouthwash periodically, it takes away my boredom eating.

I was able to stick to my workouts so far. The question is, can I stick with workouts X2 and the tasteless diet? I think I can. Actors do this kind of stuff all the time to get ready for a role. That is how I see my upcoming nuptials, as some big movie. It gives me comfort to think of it as something other than real life. ;)


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I'll tell you. What I do is avoid all fried foods and redmeat. Stick to grilled stuff, and cut out sugar, even fruit because of the natural sugar, and walk more often. That's how I keep weight down.