No More Birthdays

Tuesday was my birthday (thanks, TwoWriteHands for the birthday greeting). It was a typical birthday for me - horrible. Maybe some time I will explain why my birthdays have typically been bad, but I want to get THIS one out of my system now.

First, my sister found my mother on the floor of her bedroom - incoherent. So, I spent all birthday night (till 5:30 am) in the hospital emergency ward - standing on my feet. They had one "guest" chair in my mothers "room". My sister has some physical problems, so I gave it to her. No one lifted a finger to find another chair. They didn't care.
We waited in that little room for hours before a doctor made it in. No one ever gave us an explanation or assured us that we weren't forgotten. In the mean time, my elderly mother who may have a head injury just laid there waiting to see a doctor.
I am currently experiencing computer problems so this is . . .
To be continued ~

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Jod{i} said...

Sending a comfort thought your way...and a healing one at that...I am sorry I missed your birthday..Happy Birthday, although a tad bit late :(

Be well...