Weddingmoon Continued

Prerequisite: "The Only Way to Fly" and "Getting There".

After the hair-raising bus ride, we finally pulled up to the beautiful Sandals Dunns River resort. Here the whole hassle experience morphed into one of relaxation and luxury. We were met at the bus by employees who handed us cold towels (much welcomed) and champagne. Then, instead of waiting in line to check in, we were escorted to the lobby lounge where we sipped champagne and did the minimal paperwork and listened to one of the hostesses tell us about the resort.

After the paperwork, the hostess told us that we arrived before check-in time so she told us to pick out an on-site restaurant to have lunch and afterwards our luggage would be waiting for us in our rooms. We ate at the Columbo Room where the buffet was one of Carribean favorites. It was prepared well and was quite a nice way to start our stay. The great thing about Sandals is that even the inconveniences were not inconvenient.

After lunch, my bride-to-be went up to our room. It didn't disappoint. One of the best things was the view that we had from our balcony. Any time we wanted to, we could step out there to read or relax and see this:

I spent every morning as the sun came up over the water out on the balcony with this view. Even as I write this, I am pining to get back.

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Sayre said...

Ooooo... pretty!

I wouldn't mind waking up to that everyday either!