A Day in the Life

It once again appears that I am a slacker. I haven't blogged in a while, but it isn't because I am spending my time watching TV or playing video games. Nope, this is the busiest time of the year for me at work. In addition to my regular duties, January through March adds a billion more tasks. These boring but necessary duties include making arrangements for a big annual event to educate the public, the annual report, the coming fiscal year's budget preparation, and guiding the internship towards its big project and other parent-like internship responsibilites.

So, at the end of the day, I like to go just go home, let my wife wait on me, watch TV or a movie and turn in early. That is what I LIKE to do, but I never get to do it. In fact, I don't even know what that is like. Here is what a typical day looks like for me:

Up at 6:00 am to feed the dogs and let them outside and bring them back in. That sounds simple enough, but it isn't. I have FIVE dogs and they all believe they are the only one when it comes to feeding. So, I have to feed these gluttons in a manner that keeps them quiet so not to wake up my wife. This is nearly impossible, but somehow I manage it or come close to it. Getting them out and back in only works quickly if the dogs are on the same page as I am. Unfortunately, the dogs don't read.

Somewhere around 6:20, I take a quick shower and get ready for work so I can clear out of my wife's way when she gets up at 6:40. While my wife gets ready, I review my day's activity making sure that I am as prepared as possible.

My wife and I leave at the same time. She goes to work (on days that she works, otherwise she is asleep when I leave) while I go to my mother's to give her medicine and make sure she has breakfast. (My mom is disabled).

I arrive at work at 8:00. I won't bore you with the work stuff; besides I already did that some in the first paragraph.

At lunch, I go home to let the dogs out and back in, go back to my mother's to make sure she has lunch, and try to feed myself along the way.

In the afternoon, I take time to tutor some at-risk elementary school kids, thus, making me stay at work late.

When I get off work, I go home and greet my wife, and confirm any plans we have. Then, I go back to my mother's to make sure she has dinner and do little chores for her. Then back home usually stopping at the market or food joint to get dinner for my wife and myself and try to spend some time with her. Often, I either have to go visit a sister in the hospital (like tonight), or tutor some high school kids to help prep them for their SAT's. I squeeze that stuff in as early as possible.

Around 9:30 or 10:oo, my wife goes to bed and I lie there with her for a short time for a little quality time. Then, back to my mother's to make sure she has her nightly medications and address any other issue she has at bed time.

Then, I return home to prep for the following days work or tutoring and make sure I don't have clothes issues in the morning. I get to bed sometime around midnight.

About half the nights, I am woken by my wife because of my snoring. Therefore, I eventually make it to the couch where I have to fight dog whining and other canine noises until it is time to start the day over again.

That is my daily routine in a nutshell. I would like to workout again or get some kind of exercise, but I would have to get up an hour earlier to do it. Right now, I don't know if I can handle that, but I am sure when it warms up outside, I will manage to do it.

Conclusion: Until my work and/or tutoring schedule lightens, my blogging will be more sparse. The readers of my blog can always turn to another blog to fill the gap (assuming my blog leaves one for some of you), however I have to do without the thereapeutic value of it more often for a while.


Sayre said...

Very busy days. Can you imagine what it would be like to add a child to that mix? I don't know where you'd have room!

Don't worry about us, Jeff - we'll be here waiting when you have the time. In the meantime, try not to stress too much, do what you have to and try to relax about everything else. Easier said than done - I know.

That's why progress on my house seems to come in fits. One of these days I'm gonna finish that bathroom!!!

Jeff said...

I know, a kid would be murder. I am sure I would have to abandon some things.

Thans for the support. I doubt too many people will lose sleep because I haven't posted in a week or so. I don't have any fancy ideas about myself.

Ah, the bathroom. You'll get it done when you absolutely need to.

Chris said...

Dang Jeff, you are one busy dude. I am glad to hear that you take such good care of everyone else in your life. Don't forget to take care of yourself:) I know....where's the time?

Lippy said...

Well, I can tell you this: after reading all that, I conclude that you are a bad guy!

Seriously, though, you have to be a magnificent time manager!

And you have a good heart, my friend.

goddessdivine said...

Dude, I'm gonna lose sleep if you don't post in a while. And I just gave you an award too. Maybe I should take it back..... j/k

I'm reminded of the movie groundhog day. I hope your day has a little more variation than this. But you are so good to take care of so many people.

Hazel said...

here a Big Bang - World Record Tag for u. Have fun.happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

My gosh, Jeff, how do you ever have time to blog! ...and who takes care of you?

Seriously, you must take some time out for yourself. Even if its just 15 minutes of alone time. Maybe time set aside just for prayer or something of that nature. Just to renew and nourish yourself.

Sorry, I'm being a mom. :)

Michelle said...

I'm with Holly - don't forget to take care of you!

And of course you'll leave a gap, but your health comes before blogging.

Love yourself as you love your neighbour (mom, wife, sisters, kids, dogs....)

The Real Mother Hen said...

Superman is alive, now I'm convinced!

And here I am whining about my day, which doesn't even come close to yours. In fact, mine is luxurious when compared to yours!

Brother, you really gotta take care.

Jodi said...

Gosh, your life is as busy as mine. Easily.

I feel sorry for you, sweets. It makes me want to come down there and help you. Anything I can do?

Miss your e-mails!

Michelle said...

For you, because no-one I know deserves it more:


Jeff said...

Chris: I wish.

Jimmy: Thanks. I don't feel like a good time manager. If I was better at it, I may not feel so much pressure.

Kristen: Thanks and I hope you can sleep! I am grateful for the award. Stay tuned and I will drop by your blog as soon as I can.

Hazel: Thanks for the tag and I lived up to my promise. ;)

Jeff said...

Steph: I DON'T have time to blog. Thanks for being a "mom". I need SOMEONE to look after me.

Michelle: You guys are sweet. I think running around like I do stops me from feeling sorry for myself! lol - well, usually.

Mother Hen: If I am Superman, someone put kryptonite in my shorts!

Hoosiergirl: Just keep me in your thoughts! I miss it, too, with all the other leisure activities I used to do. It will get better, though.

Jeff said...

Michelle: Very kind of you! It means more than you know.

chosha said...

Is there any way you could create a dog run so that at least the dogs could be outside during the day? Five dogs take a lot of work.

When your sisters are not in hospital or without transport, so they share the responsibility of taking care of your mum? I think it's great you do, don't get me wrong, but it's hard to care for two families and I hope they do help.

One suggestion. Why don't you grab a quick shower and then deal with the dogs while your wife is getting ready? It would save you having to try so hard not to wake her, and would also give you just a little more sleep. You sound like you need it.

Good luck with it all. It's a huge schedule and if you don't blog all the time, we'll understand.