Verbal Snapshot

Every morning on my way to the office, I see a young mother walking her small boy to school. I think the mother is young; I can never see her face. However, the boy seems to be about five years old and the mother always wears an over-sized University of Michigan coat with the hood pulled over her head.

She always stops at a corner about a short city block away from the school. The boy continues on alone but passes the crossing guard between the mother and the school. The mother just stands there and watches the boy all the way to the school. Her posture suggests that she is sad to see the boy go and isn't doing too well with the thought that her baby is growing up. When the boy disappears from sight at the school, the mother turns around and slowly retraces the footsteps that brought her there. Her head is down as she goes to face the day without her child - again.

This particular morning helped me fill in the blanks that you just read in this little snapshot. The boy started down the street alone, while mom stood there still and watched. Then, about 30 feet away from her, he stops, turns around and sprints back to his mommy, gives her a giant hug, then trots away to his school day. When the child disappeared into the school, the mother turns around and walks back the way she came with a little more life to her step.


My previous post, Marley and Me, called for five people to be tagged to play along with the book reading blog game (I hate the word, "meme" - dont' know why, just do). I thought I would just let it go, but Barb from Skittles Place asked to be tagged so the four other people I am about to tag can blame her for your tagging. ;)
The following people can consider themselves TAGGED!
Of course Barb, Gail from Classyof68, Sayre of Sayresmiles, DesLily (Pat) from Here Tere and Everywhere, 2nd Edition, and Jod(i) from Beyond the Cracked Window. If any of you do not want to participate, I understand. People are busy and some don't read. Besides, it is YOUR blog rep, not mine. ;)


DesLily said...

Gee Jeff.. I can't begin to thank you LOL.. actually I left the passage to the book i am reading in someone's comments who did this same meme (you hate the word meme, and I think the work blog sounds like something i threw up! lol).. I didn't make it a post because although i am enjoying the book i am reading.. page 123 leaves something to be desired lol.. but I'll post it tomorrow.. today is Feline Friday!

Jod{i} said...

I am game, it will be up Tuesdayish!
Hee hee


Anonymous said...

haha.. did you see that I already did it?

I love the Verbal Snapshot!

And thank for coming back to leave a comment. I had lost the url for here when I was putting up my new links.