Christmas, Think About It

I always get tickled this time of the year when I see all the PC'ers struggle with what to do with this holiday. Secularists in the USA have been trying get rid of Jesus Christ for the past century or so. They don't like the word "Christmas" because it is a shortened term for "Christ's Mass". Can't have that. So here is what we have. We have "Happy Holidays" as an alternative. Well, "holiday" is a shortened version of "holy day" with apologies to my UK influenced friends who are convinced that "holiday" means "vacation". Most people I know, don't treat their vacations as something holy (see: Las Vegas, Spring Break, etc.) So, "Happy Holidays" is really including Chanukuh with Christmas which really doesn't do much to advance the secular agenda.

Christ carries power that can't be denied. We are living in 2006 A.D. (the year of our Lord). Secularists have been trying to change it to CE (common era), but a rose by any other name, still smells as sweet. The truth is that God made His presence known in such a way, that it literally divided time as we know it.

I get fascinated with this passive war against all things Christian. Without Christmas, there would be no national holiday. The national holiday is "Christmas", not winter solstice. Businesses in retail and the production of retail goods would fall apart without it. Most do not make a profit until the Christmas season gets underway. The term "Black Friday" the first shopping day of Christmas derives its name from the first day these retailers go from being in the red to being in the black. The coming of Jesus to the world keeps the US economy afloat. That's power, right there. What other holiday is so big that we spend our hard earned bucks to give presents to nearly everyone we know. We give to others because of the biggest gift that could ever be given - a life, a child, God's own Son. To step out of the glories of heaven to be abused by your children for THEIR sake. THAT is a gift.

The next time someone says, "Happy Holidays" or if you are getting two weeks off of school for "Winter Break", just smile and say to yourself, "Thank you, Jesus."

"For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace. " (Isaiah 9:6)

Merry Christmas!


Bon & Mal Mott said...

Merry Christmas, Jeff.


Bonnie and Walt

Anonymous said...

I have been gone far too long.... Hiya my friend. I agree with you 100%. Merry Christmas my friend and have a great New Year. I will be around, drop me an email or something. Tawnya

Anonymous said...

Good post Jeff.

Hope you had a good Christmas.


Chris said...

Very thought provoking. I hope your Christmas was wonderful.

Happy New Years!!

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