Plumbers and Doctors

Since I got married, I have inherited yet another house that needs maintenance and upkeep. These aren't my strong points. I don't know exactly what my strong points are, but I do know that these things are not. So, I now have THREE, count them, three houses to maintain. It is kind of like giving a horrible cook a bigger kitchen.

What's worse is that I have a wife that thinks as soon as a man becomes a husband, he becomes Bob Vila. More than that, she thinks that I am responsible for the disrepair as if I get up in the middle of the night while she sleeps and tear stuff up. It is quite baffling, actually.

The latest thing is the kitchen sink. It leaks. I checked it out and it appears to be leaking in multiple places at the same time (where the faucet is connected and where the handles are). How these things decided to leak at the same time, I don't know. I think the whole system has to be replaced.

As I have mentioned to one blogging friend, I cannot afford a plumber - especially during Christmas time. So, I called a friend of ours and he is coming over today to assess and fix the thing. That is great, except for one thing. There is nothing I can do to adequately show my appreciation to this friend. You see, he is a doctor. He DOESN'T need the extra money. He can do anything. He is a physician, he makes shirts and other customed things (mugs, hats, etc.), he does construction, he bakes, you name it. He is so busy, yet he drops everything to come and help. He is gold!

What can I do to show my appreciation? I mean, I insist to pay him for his time and skill. Yet, he doesn't really care about the money - especially the measley amount he is getting from me. It is very humbling.


Jerry Novick said...

Mrs.Write has accepted that I am about as far from Bob Villa as Pluto is from the Sun. I, in return, have accepted two things: 1) I can at least give it the old college try and get points for effort if not for results; and 2) My father-in-law (a painter and handyman), mother-in-law & aunt-in-law (seamstresses), and brother-in-law (home contractor) are worth ten times their weight in diamonds.

The. Most. Giving. Helpful. Loving. People. Ever.

(And include in there my sister-in-law {who KidWrite swears can walk on water})

Sayre said...

Some people just really enjoy helping someone else out. I'm one of those and believe me, payment is not what I'm looking for. He might be very happy to accept a beer or a cup of coffee and sit on your porch chatting for a little bit. Give him a very sincere thanks when he's done, offer him coffee and a visit, and then when he's ready to go, thank him again.

Very simple really. Just don't abuse his goodwill by asking him to fix everything!

DesLily said...

do you know anything he enjoys? like movies or books or collects anything that you can surprise him with as a token of appreciation? small gift certificate?? sorry if i'm not help here

Anonymous said...

Saying thank you is a very good way to show how much you appreciate someone's help.

Someday you may get the chance to repay him. Wait until you get that chance.

Jeff said...

Jerry: How great it would be to have those people in the family. My doctor friend has a father that was a neurosugeon and a brother that is a computer genius. With his talents as everything else, I would LOVE to figure out a way to get into his family.

Sayre: You are right. This is only the second time in three years we asked him over. I am so afraid of being an annoyance. He insists on us calling, though. He sincerely enjoys the work.

DesLily: We took your advice in advance. It seems that he LOVES Starbucks. We gave him a $25 gift card as well as paying him for the work. We still got off cheap!