Weird? Yeah, guilty.

This another one of those tagged things. I have mixed emotions about them, but sometimes they are insightful.

This is six things that are weird about me:

1. I am a packrat. I have trouble throwing things away. I think in a former life I lived through the Depression (except I don't believe in that sort of thing).

2. I don't recognize my voice on tape or the image of me on film. The voice thing is easy to understand I guess. We all sound differently from the inside than on the out. I don't care too much for the way I sound except from on the inside (which I cannot share). The pictures are kind of weird. I don't think I ever look like myself. I guess it is because my self-image is a lot better than reality.

3. I have a habit of holding a napkin or tissue in my hand (or stuff them in my pocket). I got that habit from my mom. She was always ready for a runny nose or an unexpected mess.

4. I hate feet. Do I even need to explain why? Some e-pals used to threaten to send me pics of their feet, but thankfully no one ever did. :)

5. I can't stand for skin to touch. For instance, when I go to bed, I have to have something between my legs so they won't touch or a blanket between my arms and my chest. I don't know why, but if I let myself, I can drive myself crazy by thinking about my fingers touching themselves in between. Fortunately, I am not nuts about it. Most people don't even know about it - till now. ;)

6. I sing my wife "Happy Birthday" every year in Jimmy Stewart's voice (or the best immitation I can do). She loves Jimmy Stewart and evidently I do a good job at it. I think that is why she married me. She refuses to believe that Jimmy Stewart stutters, though. I say he does - most of the time.

That's the weird me. I am not tagging anyone specifically, but if you read this and thought of a few things about yourself that you would like to put in your blog, let me know.


Anonymous said...

The pack rat thing was my quickie for the day :)

Sayre said...

I did this about a month ago, I think. The skin touching thing is kind of odd. I can't sleep if my feet are covered. That means sheets, blankets, socks, anything! I can also relate to the voice thing. I actually speak into a microphone for part of my living and I don't recognize myself when I hear it back.

Anonymous said...

I'm very much the same with my voice and image. I find it extremely difficult to listen to my voice on recordings, it sounds awful compared to my 'real' voice! :)

I came via skittles place, by the way.

Jod{i} said...

I had done this a few years ago, I will see if I can find it and post it.
Hmmm we are very similar, (no I dont sound like Jimmy Stewart) (Oh and you are corect he did stutter, and he talked about it in an interview. Memorizing scripts, he did almost phonetically, or in a song in his head. Most stutterers dont when singing, Mel Tillis? SO yes you are right!)
#3 and #4 My mother got me in that habit as we,, and now she has my daughter doing it.
I hate feeeeeeeeeet YUK!