Fun Friday

Not really, but hey, I can dream. I am still struggling to get rid of this stupid cold so I am going to take a half day off. I guess that is fun.

We are going to put up the tree tonight. I guess that could be fun if my wife is behaving.

I am going to make some hot cider. That could be fun if I don't sneeze into it. Good thing the stuff has to come to a boil. ;)

Here is my Friday Fun challenge. What is the most fun game you can play on the Internet. I am not talking about the "with other people" type games (like poker), I am just talking about some little game that you can play anytime if you have to kill a minute or twenty. My bud, Charles, introduced me to a Monkey Kick Off. If you have a game you like, pass it on.


Anonymous said...

Thanx for the plug. There are also fun flash movies that people can watch too. I visit this website called newgrounds that have these funny flash movies. Not everything there is appropriate though.

Curious, how does Hot Cider taste?

Anonymous said...

I will have to check out newgrounds (is it

Hot cider . . . it is apple cider - if that helps. It is warm and feels great on the throat and jazzed up by cinnamon and other "exciting" spices. Pretty good on a cold, winter's night.

BTW - I never could beat your score on that monkey game (came close, but not close enough).

Sayre said...

I go to and play Poppit. A truly mindless pasttime.

Spider Girl said...

I have to wait a while before I can put up my would be a withered needleless husk by Christmas if I put a tree up now. Would make the house smell good though! I'm looking forward to it.

Hey, hope your cold disappears soon.

Chris said...

It could be even more fun if your wife is NOT behaving....bwahaha:)

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