Thursday Thirteen #2

This is my thirteen reasons why this will be a great holiday season;

1. It is the first Christmas as a husband.
2. We are spending a couple of days at my father-in-law's house and he likes me. ;) (he is totally understanding of his daughter's "ways").
3. My mother seems to be maintaining her health.
4. I get as many days off as I want.
5. The Christmas shopping is about 90% completed already.
6. We have Marley the Christmas Dog (he just looks Christmasy).
7. My sister is hosting the get-together and she is great at it.
8. My Christmas turkey!
9. My wife wraps all the presents and is great at it!
10. The present gravy train started at our November reception and will continue till the rest of the year. :)
11. "Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer" is on TV.
12. Linus' reading of Luke 2 on "Merry Christmas, Charley Brown".
13. I haven't lost sight of the reason for the season!


Anonymous said...

i love #12 too!
great list, jeff.

Anonymous said...

it sounds like you have it made for Christmas!! Enjoy it all!

Anonymous said...

Christmas spirit lives! I finally got mine a couple of days ago. It was a long time coming this year, but it's finally here!!!!!

Bon & Mal Mott said...

I can identify with #2 and #9. Our holiday season is quiet, and that's the way we prefer it. May you receive all the enjoyment you can take.

Bonnie & Walt

Tai said...

Hope it's divine for you...Have a great holiday!

Carmen said...

happy holidays to you and your new wife (and the dog, don't want to leave him out)