Thursday Thirteen #7 – Things that have been on my mind lately

A lot of different things have been on my mind lately. Some important, some not-so-much. The last time I did something like this, one person told me I could do a whole post about each of my thirteen. This time, I will tone down the details. If anyone sees one that they think I should do a whole post on, let me know and I will.

This is what has been on my mind lately – in no specific order:

1. YouTube – I have been thinking about doing some kind of “show” for the site. I guess the same thing that makes me blog is drawing me to YouTube. Of course, I will have to get a camcorder (i.e. digital video camera).

2. The guy that lives across the street from my house. – This guy is always looking out his front door – ALWAYS. Everytime I leave, arrive or check the mail, there he is. It is driving me out of my ever-loving mind.

3. Taxes – My living situation has changed drastically – and I have some complicated real estate (interest) things to factor in. I need a tax accountant. H&R Block isn’t going to do it, I think.

4. SuperBowl Party - I am currently thawing a turkey to take to my nephews. My wife told me she was going to opt out of going because she doesn’t like football. That’s very nice. I wish I had the same kind of choices for the things that she cares about.

5. Changing my blog over to the “NEW BLOGGER with Google and Gmail”. I have been bypassing the switch page, but today there was no getting around it. I feel like those during the coming Great Tribulation that are forced to take the mark of the beast on their foreheads.

6. My intern – she is really a piece of work. She had me fuming under my calm exterior the other day.

7. Still trying to sell my house – the cold weather and my mother’s needs have been challenging. Still, I have some people coming to look at it in the next week or two.

8. My best friend's marriage is on the rocks.

9. My diet – I have lost 19 lbs in four weeks thanks to things like crustless pizza.

10. My church – I am wanting to join a small group (it’s a Bible study, but it is the closest thing I will have to therapy ;), but I haven’t pulled the trigger yet.

11.My beloved IU basketball team. They just beat 2nd ranked Wisconsin last night, bless their new cheating coach’s heart.

12. My budget at work. I am supposed to get a new computer (I’m still running Windows 98). I am just concerned about what I am going to have to do to earn it.

13. My other blogs that I haven’t really started yet – one for spiritual things and the other about sports. I just started messing with the templates when my job got ultra-busy. Now with this new blogger, I think I lost the work I was doing on my templates. Hate it!

That’s it for this week. Remember, if you think any of these are blogworthy, makes you curious enough for me to elaborate, let me know.


Anonymous said...

Love YouTube, but not because I want to post stuff. I like finding Weird Al videos, martial arts demonstrations, and some wacky stuff that pops up like the StarWars spoofs that people make (especially "Chad Vader"). We are just weird that way.

How old is this constant neighbor? If he's old, that's just what they do - they look out the window and door and see who's coming and who's going. They are also your best friend if someone's breaking into your house when you're not home.

Taxes? Not H&R Block - find a retired tax auditor. They know all the ins and outs of the tax code and how aggressive they can be without triggering an audit. We found one and just LOVE him.

Anonymous said...

the man next door may be driving you nuts...but if he suddenly wasn't at the door or window you'd quickly wonder if he was alright or not...

Dane Bramage said...

Neighbors kinda come with the territory so to speak.

Are you on a specific diet or just cutting out certain items like pizza crusts?

I know friends and family members who do taxes, some for a living and some as a sideline. I wouldn't know how reliable any of them are com[ared to a tax lawyer. Me, I just use tax software.

Thanks for stopping by my T13.

Charles said...

LMAO @ N). 2

Where do you live, because it may be me. LOL

I do this everyday to see if the mail has run.

Mail box cover up means he hasn't run yet and mail box cover down means he has. Maybe that is why your neighbor is watching.

Anonymous said...

Sayre: My neighbor is about thirty. He is just kind of weird. He is more apt to be the burglar rather than the protecter.

Pat: That is probably true. I just hope I wouldn't be happy with the thought of something bad happening (of course I wouldn't).

Dane: Yeah. I am on a low carb diet. I think I am the last one in the world. lol

Charles: No, the weird guy isn't you. I am not in NY and this guy is looking out the door 24/7.