What's Up?

Just a quick note to tell you what is up in my life.

WORK - Little by little I am knocking out the stuff at work that is slowing me down. Hopefully, within a few weeks, I can be more attentive to my blog and also start the new one.
MARRIAGE - Rocky at this writing. Like the phases of the moon such is the state of my relationship with my wife. I would say this is the "new moon" phase. The relationship is nowhere to be seen. lol We haven't talked in a couple of days. Long story - all you need to know is that I'm right and she's wrong. :) If only it was that simple~
EVERYTHING ELSE: My health is okay. I am a little more rested. I have dropped a few more pounds so that is always nice - especially since it is so darn cold outside that it is hard to get walks and jogs in. The Colts are World Champions so my home of Indiana is representing. Since my wife and I aren't speaking, things are a little bit peaceful. That is an interesting by-product.
MY HOPES - I am hoping that everyone is having a great week and is keeping warm, except those that are in Australia. Since it is summer there, they probably aren't too concerned with keeping warm. I also hope that the rest of my predictions are better than my superbowl one. For those of you keeping score at home, I picked San Diego - of course maybe I meant the 2007 season and not the 2007 Superbowl. Hmm . . . stay tuned.


DesLily said...

hmmm, well good to hear you lost some weight (wish i could) but not so good hearing you and the Mrs aren't talking ...tsk tsk... not good, but probably expected as you both learn about each other and how to live with each other...it's not as simple as moving in that's for sure!

Anonymous said...

New Blog?

Who's going to blink first, you or her? Nobody has to be right or wrong. It's okay to have a difference of opinion. As long as it's not being crammed down one's throat.

Congrats on the weight loss.

The Chargers ... ain't been nuthin' since Dan Fouts left. (Yeah, I'm a die-hard Chargers fan.)

Anonymous said...

We are keeping warm - by no choice of our own!

I couldn't cope with being angry that long and not talking to my husband. I need things to be resolved.
Reminds me of that song It's Beginning To Get To Me by Snow Patrol.

Jeff said...

Pat: Losing weight is easy for me. Losing ENOUGH weight is another story, though. :)

Java: New blog (additional blog) - not to replace but to accentuate. lol It is really not a matter of blinking first. She doesn't talk about the problem and I really don't have much to say until it's settled. I don't buy into the ignore it and it goes away. That is like painting over rust. It is still there, but you just don't have to look at it (till it gets much worse).

kristarella: I am not angry. I am just taking a step back till I figure out how to make things better. My wife is strange in this area, but I knew the risk when I bought the ticket. ;)