Tired . . . Must . . . Have . . . Sleep . . . zzzzz

I am usually not one to write about my day like my blog is a diary (not there's anything wrong with it), but I need to vent. Yesterday wasn't tragic, but very annoying.

I get up at 5-ish to run/walk my dog Marley. So far so good except that it was early. My wife later asks me why I didn't come home last night. WHAT? She was asleep when I got home and asleep when I left with Marley. She woke up to freshen up at 5:20 and I wasn't there. Duh.

At work, I have unteen dozen projects going on with the clock ticking. I take off to take my mother to a neurolgist. The neurologist is annoying because she is the kind of doctor that doesn't listen. Today, I have to take off to take Mom to get an MRI.

Later, I rush home to make sure Mom has dinner and her meds ready and take off to meet a friend at my old high school's basketball game. Here in Indiana, high school basketball used to be huge. We had a one-class system (meaning all schools big and small compete for ONE state championship - see the movie "Hoosiers"). We even had the state championships on ESPN. A few years back, the lack of wisdom showed up and now we have four classes and no one really cares about high school basketball anymore. But I digress. This year our team has a good shot at a state title but last night they got beat and looked horrible. This always leaves a bad taste.
Then I rush home because I am suppose to meet another friend (a particular needy friend) to go for a walk and talk. I am late because of the game. I rush over there and I don't get home till about 11:00.
Then, I watch my beloved IU Hoosiers play Illinois that I tivo'd just to watch them lay a major egg and get beat (Hey, I made a funny: egg - beat). I really could have used the sleep instead of watching that fiasco.
So today, after getting up early again am very tired and hating sports.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I hear you on the need for sleep. I hadn't slept through the night in 5 years since my son was born. Then he finally started sleeping through the night and I got to do it too - until the dogs got old, the cats got cranky, and my own health issues started keeping/waking me up at night - sometimes for a couple of hours at a time.

But last night.. a tough KenPo class, a long hot bath, ear plugs and an early bed (9:30). I slept through to 7:30 this morning and still felt like I could sleep a few more hours. Doubt I'll ever catch up.

Anonymous said...

Tired of sports? HOW 'BOUT DEM COLTS! :)

Anonymous said...

Awwww.. hope to get some rest!

Anonymous said...

hope *you* I meant lol

Anonymous said...

Staying up late to watch a game can be a drag, especially if your team loses, and you have to go to work at 7am.

My weakness is a new video game, I could stay up through to the next day if it's a good one.

DesLily said...

personally I would have been asleep with the game on!.. no matter how much I wanted to see it!

I'd like to sleep sometimes in the morning until ..ohhh 7:30 or 8, but I can't on weekends because I have to feed my brother and 9 cats. Sometimes I just don't want to wake up and Iknow you know how that feels.
I hope you got some rest by now!

Chris said...

You sound as disgruntled as this Tarheel fan did while Matt D was coaching a few years ago:)

Your Hoosiers will rebound soon (pun intended)

Have a great weekend!
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