Thursday Thirteen #6 - If I Won the Lottery

The Powerball went off at an estimated $240 million. I rarely play, but I did this time. This is a list of things I would do if I hit it big (in no particular order).

I would:
  1. Get out of debt. Does this need an explanation?
  2. Take care of my family and friends’ problems and upgrade their circumstances.
  3. Set up a scholarship program for kids in my area. I wouldn’t have any particular criteria that they would have to meet; I would just have them write an essay telling me why they should get it. I would love to see the creativity and the values these kids would submit to me.
  4. Set up a fund and anonymously give to people who show need (from news stories from TV and newspapers).
  5. Upgrade my life with new vehicles (the Lord knows we need to) and to a larger house outside of the city with horses and a big area to acquire dogs (I cannot stand shelters that euthanize).
  6. Move my mother into my house and have someone to look after her medical and sanitary needs daily.
  7. Move my sister with MS into the best assisted living program. As it is now, she lives in an apartment with one of those “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” buttons.
  8. I would move my other sister (health problems) into my mother’s house and upgrade everything there for her.
  9. I would allow my father-in-law to retire early and move to our town (he has planned that after his retirement). I would also buy him an RV because he loves to travel.
  10. I would pay for my brother-in-law’s college.
  11. I would earmark a big chunk for my wife’s family’s needs that I am unaware of.
  12. I would give a percentage of the winnings (probably about 20%) to various ministries (those that help people).
  13. I would give a monthly prize to the person who thoughtfully (not necessarily kindly - just someone who puts thought into it) comments on my blog the most!

This isn't all I would do. I would certainly invest and make sure my family was taken care of for the future. I also wouldn't quit my job. Time to check my numbers!


Anonymous said...

Those are honorable contributions there. Number 13 had me cracking up though.

I wish that the Mega Millions could get that high. Although, I rarely ever get even one of the winning numbers.

Anonymous said...

Those are all wonderful things to do with money.

I always worry though, about money tearing people apart. It does happen.
I guess you just have to be very careful and judicious in your handling of it.

Anonymous said...

Great list! It definitely shows your caring side - not just for your own family but for your wife's and your community as well.

Re: #13 - would my multiple posts count?

Anonymous said...

Charles: I rarely play the lottery. I am always saying, "When I win the lottery, . . ." Yet, I never actually make it down to the store to get one. I did play this week and lost. Oh well.

Tai: Yeah, money can't buy happiness and usually causes problems. I would like to think that it wouldn't change me all that much. I am generally happy with my life, so I wouldn't make too many changes. I would keep my job and stuff. I wouldn't spend it foolishly, I would put a bunch away for my family and have some available to help out people when they need it. Otherwise, life as usual. I guess it is easy to say that on THIS side of the winning ticket, eh?

Sayre: I am definitely already keeping score about the feedbacks. Those repeat emails are suspect, though. lol

Bon & Mal Mott said...

We never bet (on lotteries, anyway, the market is gambling enough for us) because there are in life people who are destined to win little, and we have adequately proven ouselves to be among them. But we wish you well, and hope that your hopes may come true.
Bonnie and Walt
P.S. Yes, we knew about the shark, and figured that everyone else who watches cable news did too, so we forebore to mention it. ;) {:~)>

Anonymous said...

Well now that I finally found your journal and added your link, would you consider throwing a couple of thousand my way :)

I'll be back!

Nikki said...

Wow Jeff

Everybody wants a little of your imaginary money....not me....I want the imaginary interest....I'm not trying to take what's not mine ;-D

Anonymous said...

Wow, I wouldn't have thought that $240mill. went that far. The housing for sick family and renovating and upgrading would take a lot, then I haven't done the math.

Tai is right, money does bad things... my dad had a huge thing with his mother and brother when she gave him $250,000 to buy a house but didn't give my Dad stuff because she didn't think we needed it, my uncle looked poor while we maintained a facade of house owning... my parents had to sell their house to get out of debt. It was a bummer and a horrible fight. In the end it always feels like people only think of themselves, especially when someone they know hits the jackpot.