Put up the Cart, Blanch!

As I reported earlier, the next number of weeks will be very busy for me. So it doesn't get too far out of hand, I decided to put a quick post - rant in today.

I hate it when people do not put shopping carts into the little cart corrals they have in store parking lots. Why is this so hard? Instead of pushing the cart any where from 6 to 30 feet, some folks just leave them to take up parking spaces.

Is it that they think they are too good to deposit them in the right place? Is it that they can't be bothered? I have a theory that these people are the same people that throw trash out their windows. It is just a trashy thing to do.

Wouldn't it be great if stores monitored the parking lots electronically and noted the license plates of these offenders? They could ban them from the stores. I know, it is just dreaming. Money plays to big a role. Maybe they could just hire thugs to scare them on the sly. That way, it doesn't look like the store is responsible and a little fear gets put in them. People respond to fear, you know? How do you think GWB got re-elected?

Here is a challenge for you. ALWAYS put your cart in the little corrals or return them to the store front. AND, for the best among you, grab an extra one on your way and take it with you. I'd like to hear about it if you do!


kimber said...

Two things....
(1) This also gets me grumpy
(2) Considering the subject matter, that's a remarkable photo.

Anonymous said...

Kimber: 1. It would make any respectable person grumpy; and 2. Well, you know, I do what I can. ;)

Anonymous said...

Three things...
1. That's a clever post title.
2. I ALWAYS return carts.
3. You could be the first thug a super-center hires. Seems like you've got the passion required for the job!


Anonymous said...

I almost always return a cart. The only time I don't is if a) I have kid in tow, and b) it's raining, and c) the store doesn't bother to put in the return-cart areas and the parking lot is HUGE!

But if those three things are not in play, I return the carts. I hate having spaces taken up by discarded carts.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, the last thing a grocery store care about is carts not being in a corral. They care more about business and making the customers happy to shop inside there store. Heck they aren't even responsible for damage done to your car in the parking lot.