Unsolicited Advice

I was thinking about what my Thursday Thirteen would be tomorrow. It is a new year so that is something I kept in mind. As I was thinking about "new year" type things, I decided that I would spend today's time wishing everyone a Happy New Year and to give them the benefit of what little wisdom I have to see that the New Year will be all it can be. So, here is my advice:

Always challenge your thoughts and beliefs. Truth and wisdom, like cream, always rise to the top. Therefore, if something you believe in is true, it will survive your challenge.
I have found that people believe what they want to believe and are more comfortable with that notion than actually adopting truth to their lives. Always living in a comfort zone is a waste. There will be no growth there. Therefore, you will not do yourself any good nor will you add anything to those who are always around you. You will merely be a stopping point for those who pass by in your life.
How does one go about challenging their beliefs? They do it by listening to those who have a different opinion or belief. Not just hearing, but LISTENING, and listening openly. Does that mean that people should believe everything they hear? Absolutely not. You should challenge all you hear with the same spirit you challenge your own beliefs. Truth is what we all should be after.
One is never too old or too set in his/her ways to do this. If you are breathing, you are living. If you are living - then really live and seek truth. Where there is truth, there is real beauty and fullness of life. Anything less will ultimately be exposed as unfulfilling. You retire from jobs, not from life.
If you don't like this advice, then challenge it. Expose it for the fraud that you think it is and throw it into my face. If am wrong about this, I want to know about it so I can actually follow my own advice and grow.

BTW - I decided that I would make thirteen predictions for my list tomorrow, so stay tuned.


DesLily said...

Many people THINK they are open minded, willing to hear different views... but most are not.

I'm not really sure which is better. I guess like everything else, it's an individual thing... whatever works for you can't be all bad.

Anonymous said...

I like to think that I am open-minded, and open to new or different ideas. The pitfall to this is that other people view you as wishy-washy and not knowing WHAT to believe. I do have my own belief system, but most people think it's so odd that they feel compelled to argue with me. I'm not asking them to believe it! And I don't care to argue. It doesn't work for everyone, nor should it. But I challenge myself constantly and feel secure in my own beliefs.

Anonymous said...

Deslily: You are right. Some claim to listen but instead they are thinking of their rebuttal while you are speaking in order to zing you when your words stop.


I get confused about things "working". I don't think false things really work for anyone. I do agree that it isn't necessary to argue or defend your beliefs. I just put them out on the table and let others do with it what they will (when appropriate).