Thursday Thirteen #7 - Celebrity Crushes

This week, I thought I would revisit all (or at least 13) of the crushes I had on celebrities while growing up. These kind of crushes are the best because there is no danger. You will NEVER get rejected because your crush will never have the opportunity. I remember thinking that these girls WOULD love me if they just had the chance to get to know me. Because of the obvious barriers, I never had to be . . . well . . . crushed.
In no particular order:

1. Jodie Foster - before she was raped in "The Accused" or feared Hannibal Lecter in "The Silence of the Lambs", Jodie Foster melted my heart in such Walt Disney productions as "Candleshoe" and "Freaky Friday."

2. Kim Richards - of the "Witch Mountain" movies. Can you tell I watched a lot of Disney movies as a kid?

3. Patty Duke - I had crushes in all eras. Thanks to the magic of syndication, age was not a factor. If you were hot and young in the show - even if it was black and white, I loved you! I watched the Patty Duke show religiously on cable.

4. Olivia Newton John - "Grease" was the word and I wanted to get "Physical" (I didn't mean for that to sound as dirty as it did - but I am not editing it, either).

5. Kristy McNichol - Kristy played "Buddy" on this show called "Family". Despite her character's name, I watched.

6. Susanna Hoffs - lead singer from "The Bangles". Her eyes were mesmerizing.

7. Danika McKeller - Winnie Cooper from "The Wonder Years". Why won't they put THAT show on TV Land?

8. Tiffany - She was Debbie Gibson's biggest rival. I fantacized that they would fight over me.

9. Farrah Fawcett - I first noticed her doing a Noxema commercial. Then there was "the poster"!

10. Justine Bateman - Mallory on "Family Ties" I liked her more during the early years. After that she got weird looking so I went elsewhere.

11. Lisa Bonet from the "Cosby Show". She marched to her own beat and I always wanted to be a drummer.

12. Phoebe Cates from "Fast Times at Ridgemont High". She was a more sultry and glamorus "Winnie Cooper"!

13. Maureen McCormick from "The Brady Bunch". She was Marcia Brady and I loved, and I mean LOVED everything about her. She was the only Brady kid that could actually sing and she melted my heart with every "Sunshine Day". Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!!!


Anonymous said...

holy child of the 80's, batman!! haha, love your list :) i have one too!!

Jenny McB said...

What a great idea for 13! I will have to copy it someday.

Sayre said...

Check out Justine Bateman on "Men In Trees" on Thursday nights at 10 (eastern) on ABC. She is looking pretty bizarre these days too!

Lippy said...

Wow! We have something in common. All of them! Incredible!

Anonymous said...

I liked Justine Bateman in Satisfaction - what a great movie!

DesLily said...

i did something similiar, but not 13 lol... impressive list! I love that we can have all the move/tv crushes that we want!

Anonymous said...

Molly and Jenny: Wow! Where did you guys come from? Thanks for stopping by. I am checking your blogs out as "we speak".

Sayre: I don't know why she had to get freaky. Some people just can't prosperity. My little sister went through a purple punk mohawk stage. I told her that her ugly friends tricked her into making herself ugly so they would have an equal playing field when they cruised for guys on the weekends. She had a beautiful face, but her freakiness distracted people from it.

Jimmy: The sad thing about it is that I probably have 13 more for a future Thursday.

kristarella: Didn't see "Satisfaction" - I don't think. Is it worth checking out?

Pat: Celebrity crushes are the best! Fantasyland is so much more appealing than real life and it never hurts - unless you want it to.

Laura said...

#1 is for whom my 4th daughter was named for. i have always like jf.

Tai said...

I think I had abnormal crushes.
For instance:
The A-Team
Mr. Spock.

And...I guess that's it.
I wasn't really allowed to watch much tv.
Come to think of it, I was only allowed to watch the Muppet Show and Star Trek for years, (and I would sneak in the A-Team once in a while) so perhaps that explains the lack of crushes.
And NO WAY was I crushing on a muppet!! (Mr. T was bad enough!)

Nikki said...

I'm an 80's child too...

I miss those days sometimes.

Jenny McB said...

Jeff- I just clicked on random 13's yesterday and thought yours was amusing enough to comment. (and copy some day..)

I can't rememember the specifics of the language in Owen Meany. But I would tend to believe it was mature based on John Irving and his themes.

Have a great weekend!

chosha said...

I loved that show Family. I was pretty young when it was on, so I've forgotten a lot of it, but I do remember the episode where she snuck out of the house to go to a disco and I remember thinking how cool it all was, but I saw it a few years later and the disco dancing looked so dorky, haha.

Do you remember James at 15? Another show I was probably too young to watch but loved anyway.

Bon & Mal Mott said...

This is going to date me terribly, but when i was a teener, i had a huge crush on Suzanne Pleshette, due mainly to a blue sweater.

Anonymous said...

And now that you are all grown up who is your Hollywood crush? Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!!! Good idea for a TT.

Anonymous said...

Laura: Yep, that is why I picked JF, because of your daughter. It made me go back in time and re-adjust my thinking. :)

Tai: The WHOLE A-team? Mr. Spock was cool. Besides, Nurse Chapel was the model for the Spock crush.

Nikki: Yep, those were the days.

Jenny: Thanks for getting back to me. I am glad that the random worked out for me.

chosa: I LOVED "James at 15". I hadn't thought of that show in years. Lance Kerwin also had a movie out right before that show came out where he was a bed-wetter - but I digress.

Walt: Explain Suzanne Pleshette and the blue sweater. I guess I missed out.

Rose: Hmm . . . I don't know if I have one now. I guess I like to Katherine McPhee a little. What is a shame is that she is younger than all my old crushes. I guess that is the world of celebrity crushes. Not too many guys have crushes on Meryl Streep these days.

kimber said...

I remember crying at a school dance because Michael J. Fox would never get the chance to meet me and fall madly in love with me. Ah, that heady mix of too many hormones, not enough good sense, and absolutely no grip on reality!

(TeenWolf.... hmmm. Apparently, somethings never change....)

Chris said...

I can tell we grew up about the same time. What about Linda Carter (wonderwoman) and Julie Newmar (catwoman) :)

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Anonymous said...

love the list! it does bring back memories of growing up. I really liked susanna hoffs. i actually liked Debbie Gibson over Tiffany. Danika McKeller is still acting but is known more for her math skills. She has a genius IQ. is a highly respected mathematician and published a widely acknowledged math theorem paper called "Percolation and Gibbs states multiplicity for ferromagnetic Ashkin–Teller models on Z" (don't ask me how I know that, it's just the geek in me). Talk about one having beauty and brains.

hello. said...

Well, this is reassuring- at least I'm not the only one who had weird crushes :D