What goes around . . .

From time to time, I like to touch on things that snake through my mind on a given day. Today, we're back on the road.

On the bridge this morning, I finally got a charge out of the traffic. As many of you know, I am not a fan of traffic nor the bridge construction that is going on during my daily commute. Well today I found a kindred spirit.

Some of you will not appreciatiate this little story. You like to drive aggressively. Some of you will think that my kindred spirit and I were out of line or are just outright jerks. However, maybe you should look in your (rear view) mirror and re-evaluate. ;)

As I was driving in the far right lane, I noticed a lady driving a late-model van in the narrow lane next to me. I saw her just at the time when this angry look came over her face while she was glaring into her rear view mirror. Then she did it; she slammed on her brakes - sending a message to the teenage driver behind her that was riding her bumper. The tail-gater slammed on the brakes and the message was received.

Oh how happy I was to see this exchange. Yes! We defensive drivers need to stand up and unite. A short time later, we did just that.

The teen, not liking the message that was sent, decided to drive a little closer. "Ohh," I thought, "It's on!"

It was my duty, at that point, to make sure that the lesson sticks. So, my kindred sister and I drove side-by-side through the entire construction area at the whopping speed of 36 mph. Before you judge me too harshly, know this: The speed limit in this zone is 35 mph, the lanes on the bridge are so narrow that there is no passing allowed in the construction zone - no lane changing. So you see, my counterpart and I were only obeying and ENFORCING the law. Many drivers are aggressive and they ignore the speed limit and lane changing limitations. They create a hazard for the law-abiding citizens. Well, not today. I was absolutely giddy.

The state police watch this stretch like hawks. It is a double-fine zone, so my partner and I probably saved that blasted teen some bucks and perhaps car privileges if there were strict parents involved.

Today was a good travel day. No speeders and dangerous passers on the "parking space" width lanes; it was just a pleasant commute. Plus, there was a pretty shade of red visible on the face of an offender. Tomorrow will probably find me glaring at Friday's version of the travelling idiot show, but today all was right in the world.


Anonymous said...

I'm ashamed to admit, I am a master of the slamming of the brakes to impede - or just piss off - a tailgater. Ugh!! That particular driving annoyance gets to me like no other. Good for you for tag teaming the brat!

Jeff said...

Steph: Don't be ashamed; be liberated! lol Come! Join! ;)

FOLKS: I apologize for being remiss about responding to your feedback. I went back and responded to each one in the past couple of posts!

Brian said...

One of my favortie sayings, I saw on a bumper sticker in a store once:

"Get any closer and I'll flick a booger on your windshield."

goddessdivine said...

Oh my gosh Brian--my brother had that put on a license plate frame when he was a teenager (like 15 yrs ago). I've never heard of it anywhere else.

I have to admit I tailgate....but only those who are going ridiculously under the speed limit when the roads are wide open. Oh. My. Gosh.

I do however hate it when people tailgate me; because I am anything but a slow driver. I totally do the breaking trick. Works like a charm, usually. I've pulled over to the side of the road a few times to let those jerks by.

Paper Fan Club said...

That lady was lucky that the kid didn't ram into her... that's the only reason I chicken out of living out that fantasy. Most drivers behind you aren't paying enough attention to slam on the breaks.

Unknown said...

If I knew how to drive I'd do just that!

Michelle said...

I love it! I've never done that driving, but I have done it in queues. :-)When people bunch up close behind you and start *SIGHING* or muttering because the queue or chashier is slow.. then I turn into happy muddled turtle lady. I count out all my pennies.. twice.. slowly. Drives them mad. ;-)

Anonymous said...

i've done that before but don't do it too often as i really don't want to cause a wreck. i absolutely hate tailgaters! not that i am the slowest of drivers (far from it) but going 70-75 mph and still having a tailgater is ridiculous. the one that annoys me the most are the tailgaters that flash their lights at you to move aside because you are in their way... and at 75 mph, you can't tell me I am going slow. i think you might have struck a nerve with this. ;-)

Shan said...


Hahahaha, damn that was hilarious!!

Defensive drivers unite huh haha...

Jeff said...

Brian: I have never seen that one. Maybe I have never followed anyone that close. lol I certainly haven't seen it in stores - yet.

Kristen: I don't pull to the side of the road, I just continue to brake. My wife likes to lessen her speed to 15 mph when she gets tailgated. I am not that bold.

Paper Fan: I never drive anything worth worrying about that. Besides, I flash the brake lights more than actually stop or quickly slow down.

Jeff said...

Random: Welcome to the club, in spirit anyway. :)

Michelle: That's too funny. I love the sprinkling of UK terminology in there, too. Without context, I would have no idea what you meant by "queues". :)

Foo: It is quite a nerve with me. I think the flash thing is what you are supposed to do if you are going faster than the person in front of you in the passing lane (left lane). However, no one needs to go more than 75 unless they are fleeing from police. ;)

Shan: Is that laughter because you ARE a defensive driver, or because you torment them? ;)