Scott McClellan, Mary Kay, and the Triple Crown

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NEWS - Former White House spokesman Scott McClellan wrote a tell-all book about some major issues in the Bush White House. In response, the Bush team all recite the same mantra: "It is puzzling. He never said anything to us at the time that he had these thoughts. It doesn't sound like the Scott McClellan I know."
Apparently, according to McClellan, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, and Scooter Libby lied about their involvement in exposing CIA operative Valerie Plame. Also, and even more importantly, the Bush administration exaggerated and trumped up reasons to justify going to war in Iraq and relied on propaganda (McClellan's words not mine) to convince the American people to go along with it.
Excuse me, but is this really news to anyone?
ENTERTAINMENT - Can't Hollywood make a movie that critics will like? I get so tired of looking forward to a movie (read: Indiana Jones) and find out that critics chop it to shreds before I get a chance to see it. It is not that I believe the critics; I believe in judging for myself for the most part. However, reading that a movie stinks sure takes the excitement out of seeing it. I think that maybe movie critics should review movies in a more measured way. For instance, they might say if you like "x", then you will like this movie. After all, we don't all have the same taste, do we?
WRITING - I am mulling over whether or not I should apply to be on our local paper's editorial advisement board. Board members have input on the editorial pages and write one column per month. If you think I should try, what posts do you think I should send to the paper (I must submit three "articles").
SPIRIT - I just can't seem to get my priorities in order. Intellectually I can reason the right order of things, but they do not manifest themselves in actuality in my life. God first, family second, job third. I just don't seem to let God take the wheel enough.
FAMILY - My wife is now a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant. Can you believe that? She is so introverted and shy that it just seems like a bad fit in that respect. However, she cares and knows a ton about fashion and make-up, so that part fits. This line is continued in the next section.
LOVE - My wife, the Mary Kay rep, originally decided NOT to do it for the reasons I mentioned above. However, since her father and another counselor told her that in order for her life and marriage to improve, she must step outside her comfort zone, she decided to do the Mary Kay thing. It cost us a fortune to get her started, but if it helps her and us, it will be money well spent. Now, who out there is interested in me recovering some of this investment, uh, I mean who out there is interested in Mary Kay cosmetics?
ANGUISH - My renter guy is really pushing me beyond the brink. All of the sudden he is trying to insist I put on a new roof on the house I am renting to him. The deal was that I would rent the house to him for an extremely low amount so he could put some money into the house. Therefore, when he buys the house (for a low, pre-improvement price) it will be in good shape. We knew that the roof was going to be needing replaced at some point, but there was no mention of ME doing it. I think it has a couple of good years left. He thinks that I should rent it to him (at about 40% discount, pay to have a new roof put on, and STILL sell it to him as if I didn't put a new roof on). I am this ---> <--- close to giving him the boot.
SPORTS - Two thirds of the Triple Crown of horse racing is in the books. There is a very good chance that the undefeated Big Brown will be the first horse in thirty years to win all three races of the crown. He was not even tested in the first two. However, a horse from Japan named Casino Drive is coming in to try to steal the crown from him. This horse has impressive credentials and is also undefeated. It will be quite the race to watch. For those interested, is Saturday, June 6 on ABC, at 5 pm EDT.


Anonymous said...

My coworker and I were talking about that very same thing re McClellan this afternoon. I mean, all he has really done is confirm what most of us suspected all along. I have no problem believing what he has said.

I am so bummed to hear that about Indiana Jones. That movie, The Dark Knight (Batman), and Sex and The City (I am a girl after all) are the three I've been looking forward to seeing. Of course, the critics originally panned some of my favorite movies, so I've got that goin' for me. :)

Go Big Brown!!!

Chris said...

I have a hard time feeling sorry for McClellan though when the news showed him tonight saying almost word for word what other Bush staff are now saying about him, about (I think) the former FEMA director (Brown?). Karma is a beyotch....just ask Sharon Stone;)

I hope your wife's venture does well!

goddessdivine said...

Yeah, Indy was so-so. Definitely not as good as the original trilogy.

Yay for your wife doing something good for herself. I hope she finds success.

Jeff said...

Steph: Yeah, exactly. It is not like it was some kind of conspiracy thinking. Everyone knew what was going on, now we just have the first hand account.

I have to go see the SITC movie. I am really not looking forward to it. I CAN like chick flicks, but I like the less trashy-sounding version of them.

Chris: I think you are thinking of Richard Clark's book - the guy from the national security office. I bet that was embarrassing to see that old clip dug up, eh?

Kristen: No anticipated movie is as good as we want it to be apparently. So much for the evolution theory. ;)

The Real Mother Hen said...

Well Jeff, try looking forward to Kungfu Panda - it has GREAT reviews! Ha :)

Oh yes yes you should definately be on the editorial board, see, my plan is to rule the universe, and I need people, if you're controlling a newspapers (let's put it this way, it sounds nicer), you'll be such a great asset to me!

Sayre said...

Good for your wife! I hope this turns out to be something she enjoys and is good at.

I rarely go to movies in theatres, but Indiana Jones and Kung Fu Panda will be the exceptions. I don't listen to critics. They don't know anything.

You an op-ed page guy? I think that would be fantastic!!!

Charles said...

Critics tend to ruin movies for me, so I decided not to ever see their reviews. I can only imagine what they are saying about Hancock right about now.

Just kick that renter to the curb now and be rid of the headache. To me it seems like he is trying to see how far he can he can get in taking advantage of you.

Man after re-reading this I think I am a little on the grumpy side.