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NEWS - As many of you know, in the primary elections, I endorsed Hilary Clinton. I still believe that Clinton would have made a good president, but that is not possible now. However, unlike the primary election where the positions of the main candidates were not that far apart, between the choices of John McCain and Barack Obama, there is a stark difference.

We can whittle down all the sound bytes all we want to, but the most GLOWING thing about this choice is change. Ronald Reagan swept into office in 1980 with basically one question that he asked the voters, "Are you better off today, than you were four years ago?" The question was a resounding "no" and Reagan handily defeated the incumbent Jimmy Carter. The people that have kept up with my blog know that I believe that George W. Bush could be the worst president that the US has ever had. He has failed in every major front that we have faced for the past eight years. To review, you can review that post here.

I realize and John McCain has tried to drive this point home more lately, that McCain is not Bush. However, by his own admission, he has voted for Bush policies 90% of the time. I can't live with that.

So, does this mean that I am endorsing Obama because he is the lesser of two evils? No. I was hard on Obama in the primaries. I primarily attacked his lack of experience. I still feel as though he doesn't have as much experience as I am usually comfortable with. However, I have witnessed him during this campaign season. He has been calm and even comforting in some very heated moments. He does not get frazzled. His campaign has been the most funded and best organized in history.

He is fresh and has clear vision. I agree with proposals about improving education and giving more people an opportunity to attend college through service. I believe that his view of giving breaks to those hurting makes much more sense than trickle down economics. Greed is prevalent in our society so a lot of powerful people that benefit from that philosophy just do not let it trickle down to the folks. His view of military action is much more appealing and realistic than the mongering we have witnessed over the past eight years (which is also vehemently championed by McCain). I am just not so sure that we can survive another term with this kind of leadership.

Psychosomatic Wit enthusiastically endorses Barack Obama for president. I know of no one that is better off today than they were four or eight years ago. If Obama handles the country in any way close to the way he handles a campaign, he will be one for the ages. If his inexperience causes him to make a few mistakes, we will still be ahead of the game considering the alternative.

The Rest of the NEWSFLASH will be added later.


chosha said...

I like Obama. I know that to some extent he's playing the same game that they all are, but I still feel like he's a much needed breath of fresh air in US politics. I feel hopeful when I listen to him.

Sayre said...

I was researching some names for my novel and came across Barak. It means "little ray of light".

It's just what we need.