Tumbleweeds on Election Day

NEWS FLASH is basically news or thoughts that may be changing over time - an update or an evolution of thought that covers a multiple of topics. It is what makes a blogger tick and it is the reason why we read. So, with that in mind, I came up with NEWS FLASH as an acronym that stands for what is going on in life:

News (or current events)
Entertainment (movies, TV, celebrity, etc.)
Writing (thoughts on the blog(s) or other writing projects)
Spirit (thoughts on God and/or the supernatural)
Family (or friends)
Anxiety (a rant or a trouble)
Sports (also considered should be contests, reality TV, recreation, cards, games), and
Home (house, yard, or even another family type of thought.
NEWS - This is the election day, non-election post. The political campaigns have run their courses. Now it is time to support whoever wins the presidency. He will need all the help he can get because we are in quite a mess.

ENTERTAINMENT - I haven't been all that entertained, lately. I will miss all the SNL election skits, though.

WRITING - I have been excited about my new project, but I hadn't been able to get much going on it. My life has been really busy and hectic lately. I am still focused. I hope I don't lose it, though.

SPIRIT - I have been learning to surrender more. It is funny about the human condition. We just don't want to surrender. We will force our wills at every opportunity. This, indeed, is the hardest aspect of true spirituality.

FAMILY - One of the things that is keeping me busy, I am in the process of trying to get the tenant from hell out of my house and get my sister in it. That will solve problems for everyone. We will see how it goes.

LOVE - As I was going through the sections of this post, (News, Entertainment, etc.), I flied right through them. When I got to this section, all I could do is stare at the flashing cursor with really nothing to say. Already, I have typed three complete lines and I still haven't written anything relevant to the topic. Truthfully, I have met a few people. Each of them has been kind of flaky in their own way. I guess the reality of it is that I am now ruined for love. I can't play the games; I just can't waste the time and effort; I no longer have the energy and the appetite for that. I have a unique, I guess, view of what love should be and I am not prepared to go through the pain of getting anything less. The problem is that less is all there is. I just don't belong here anymore.

ANXIETY - I am really not stressed about anything. I have a somber peace.

SPORTS - When I decided to put "Sports" in this exercise, I was somewhat interested in it. It is funny how life tends to reset our priorities. Of course, I would feel differently about it, perhaps, if any of the teams I was interested were the slightest bit exciting.

HOME - I have been moving into "our" house and trying to furnish it - get it ready for my solo life. It has been a little trip down memory lane, a bitter sweet walk. I look forward to all the dust settling so I can see just what my life looks like. Hopefully, it will be with my sister in one house, my mother in another, and finally me with my little bachelor cottage creating new memories to replace the old ones that have helped to make me a little out of sorts today - as if you hadn't noticed.


Sayre said...

Please don't leave out Love. You may not have anything to write in there today, or tomorrow, or 3 months from now, but one day you will have something to write about. Besides "Newsfash" just doesn't sound right...

What a marvelous solution, moving your sister into that house!!! It sounds like the perfect solution. I hope that guy gets out without too much hassle (more than what you've already had...). Things have a tendency to work out. One way or another, they will.

Stay enthusiastic about your project! You're a great writer and whatever your project is, if it involves writing you NEED to do it!

Michelle said...

The year I told my two other single friends I had given up on love it was such a relief. To not have to explain why I was single - to not keep hoping and trying to find ways to meet someone, anyone, THE one...

It was the most relaxed and happy year I'd had for decades. I was completely happy being me, loving me and finding out what made 'me' happy.

The eight months later I met my husband. Unexpected, not searched for... perfect match.

Maybe that'll be your story... maybe not. Either way I know that loving yourself and being happy with your own company is the most important relationship you'll ever have on this planet.

Great idea about letting your sister use your house and have fun creating those new home memories in your house.

Jeff said...

Sayre: I wasn't going to leave out "LOVE" from the NEWS FLASH. I was saying that I didn't belong here.

Michelle: I haven't looked for anyone yet. I have had no intention. I just happened to meet some. I don't really care about meeting anyone and haven't cared about it yet.