Poof! Here I am!

I am interrupting this negligence for an important message: I am still alive and planning on posting soon. I have been moving and engaging in other time-consuming endeavors.

There is a lot of junk going on that needs to be settled, but other than that, I have never been better!

I am in the process of starting a project that will probably be the most important thing I have ever written. It isn't a blog piece, but something much bigger. Wish me luck and for God's sake, keep after me about it. It is pretty important.


Sayre said...

THERE you are! So glad to see you. I rearranged my blogroll and you dropped off (my other one completely disappeared!), so you happened to still be in my favorites list, and I've been checking on you for the last week.

You sound great! Can't wait to hear what this big project is!

Jeff said...

Sayre, I can always count on you! Yeah, I am doing fine. Serenity prayer stuff. I wonder how many people permanently dropped off?

Charles said...

Just stopped by to say hi. Good Luck with your writing project. Keep at it!

Chris said...

So, whats up with the status report on the project? C'mon. Update us already! (ha ha, kidding. No, we will give you a week before we start harrassing you as you have requested)

Michelle said...

oooh writing project? YEAH!!!


I'll be back constantly.