Thursday Thirteen #8 - Things in My Office

Hopefully, I am in the home stretch of my busy period. I have a couple of big projects culminating with a meeting on the 21st. After that, things should slow down. The operative word there is "should". In the mean time, here is todays Thursday Thirteen.

1. Starting off slow and boring, this is my coat rack. It is
telling that it is empty. February has left these parts in
a little warmth.

2. This a limited production of a print illustrating the diversity of the state of Kentucky. All the people are assembled in the shape of the state . . . er uh commonwealth.

3. This is a couple of old photos illustrating the African-American tradition in these parts. The photo on the left is an early 20th Century military unit. The photo on right shows an all black school from the 50's.

4. This giraffe was a Christmas gift. I collect giraffes somehow.

5. These items are found on my desk top. It represents my loyalty to my alma mater, my spiritual side, and the desire to have a sanitary mouth.

6. My chair. Well, it is in my office!

7. These are a couple of proclaimations recognizing our service to the city.

9. What would an office be without a bulletin board?

10. Now we are getting the actual picture of what is going on here. These are boxed up documents and files. I boxed them three years ago because they were supposed to replace my carpeting. From time to time I have dig through these boxes to get something I need while I am waiting.

11. This is the carpeting that they are supposed to replace. I am sure it was stylish when those who worked here trapsed across it in their leisure suits.

12. My coffee mug. It will be lonely for a while because I am only drinking water for the foreseeable future. I have to jump start myself out of this weight loss plateau I have found myself in.

13. Last and probably least is my bookshelf. It is stuffed full of law manuals and folders. However, its most important function is to be the home for my giraffe and fake flowers.

I officially have a boring office. I guess I could have shown my 10-year old poinsettia or the plant I got when my grandmother died, but I only had thirteen to work with.


DesLily said...

wow.. you have a lot more space then I do! lol..
those old photo's look neat, have you always had them??

ummm 3 yrs to replace a carpet?? do I want to know why it's taken 3 yrs??? lol

Sayre said...

I absolutely LOVE the giraffe!!!! Showing your blogging environment or your office space was a Fun Monday project this week over at MamaDrama. I thnk I might get to it tomorrow... I only just got back into my office today!!!!

And I think my carpet dates from 1980. At least it's green felt and not those cool stripes...

Lippy said...

I wouldn't say the office is "boring"...there are a couple of things there that it would be interesting to check out! Those old photos, for instance...

Charles said...

I agree with Jimmy, and what's the story behind the ball. It looks like its still rapped and stamped ready go.

kimber said...

Is it wrong that I like your carpet? Apparently, my taste is only three decades out of date...

Stepping Over the Junk said...

WHAT exactly do you do? Eh? That you have a giraffe, photos like that and a ball that was mailed to you...I need to know where to order a ball to send to someone...where do you get that?