Wednesday's Whys

On occasion, I will post questions that I ponder about life and observations. I started this a while back and called it "Wednesday Whys". I think this is the third one I have done, but I don't do it enough to number it like I do NEWSFLASH. If you have the answers, please share:

1. Why do cowboys in the movies and TV wear vests? Have you noticed this? You show me Hoss Cartwright, and I will show you a big, brown vest. Ah, but it isn't only Hoss or his Bonanza bretheren. No, it is Matt Dillon on Gunsmoke, and John Wayne in any of the movies he performed in. Did cowboys really wear vests? Why would they? What would be the advantage in the hot sun of the American west to add leather to the thoracic heat already generated from cotton and the desert sun? Why would anyone wear a vest for any reason, for that matter?

2. Why is it that all the spam scams involving someone signing over a money to get tons and tons of more money center in the UK or in Africa? Now, I don't know if they REALLY do, but that is the claim. Is it that the UK sounds proper as in no one would con someone in the UK; they are just too bloody proper with their queen and tea and "too cool" accent. Is Africa so mysterious, that "anything can happen there" so maybe this outlandish desperation of the need to hide wealth that they would contact some stranger in America is somewhat believable? Is there ANYONE left that hasn't heard of this scam by now? Why do I still get these things daily?

3. Speaking of email, how do all these people get my email address - not the made up ones that I expect spam from, but my real, IPS sourced one? Why isn't there a central database that a person can go to in order to find out what company they trusted made money by selling his information so scum artists can bog his inbox down in hopes to swindle him out of money? That would put a stop to it, don't you think?

4. Blogs. Why is it that people come and go from blogs so easy? I start reading someone - get to know them, and the next thing you know the blog is erased. I understand that people go through trials and take time away from blogs, but to just erase them without warning seems a bit harsh, doesn't it? People have no idea how their rash actions affect other people.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, you are right about those cowboy vests! I have no answer to that one. Nor do I have an answer to the blog-disappearing question. Although, I'm sure you recall my need for a little *ahem* blog "transition" a while back. I become attached to certain bloggers on some level over time. It does almost feel like a personal affront when they disappear. But mostly I'm just sad to see them go.

goddessdivine said...

I still get email spam by the truckload (at least at work). It's so annoying. And seriously, the scam ones asking for money--it's just sad that people fall for it.

It's always sad when blog friends disappear. But sometimes I wonder how long I'll keep this up. Life changes and things happen.

The Real Mother Hen said...

"Is it that the UK sounds proper as in no one would con someone in the UK; they are just too bloody proper with their queen and tea and "too cool" accent?"

My husband would lift up his face and answer, "YARP!" on that haha :)

Jodi said...

I have one for you....

"why" won't Jeff e-mail me? I saw your shy girl comment.....har, har.

Great post.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff,

Your no. 4 WHY kinda hit the mark on me. I'm not sure whether it's me you're talking about or not (**chances are quite small and I know I'd die of humiliation for thinking so highly of myself now) and if I am one of those people, then I truly would apologize coz I had to delete my blog as it was getting too depressing by day and I didnt think of informing people bout it since I have this telepathic ability to sense this thing called “visitors of my blog” are non existance therefore didnt give any warning whatsoever but I did realize I should have done so but it was too late since a ghostly hand click my mouse and delete my blog and obviously the blasted ghost didnt have the brain to think before doing anything.

I started a new blog soon after, fresh and all with all the correct vibes of a normal human being with some secret darksides but decided to keep the darkness to myself since being evil is not as great as it turn out to be as it has been eating me alive -bitching, ranting and cursing etc bout people in life and that really potray the ugly side of me that I myself got sick of and decided not to have em shown to the world anymore and rather let it stay hidden in me till the day I'm ready to unrelease it to the world again.

So for now, I juz want to write bout normal regular stuffs that is closer to my heart and easier to relate. Nothin special. Nothin spectacular. Nothing bitchy or nasty or particularly taste bitter in your mouth. Just daily normal stuffs that happen in my life (after much demands from close friends since they're scattered all over the world)-they love me! they really love me!

By the way, drop by if you feel like it. I can't promise it'll entertain you or anything but I can promise you that I wont just delete it without warning *wink

Formelly known as Anna Nemus


Balqiz said...
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Knock knock - it's cancer! said...

hehe...jeff, you think like me.

Anytime someone stops blogging for more than a few days I get grumpy about their blog.

I just want to shake them "Entertain me, damnit!"

But, alas, people don't really seem to care. No one blogs for others anymore, just for themselves.

What a selfish bunch of bastards...


Anonymous said...

Steph: I think everyone needs time to adjust. That is quite understandable. But the vest thing, . . . I gotta know!

Kristen: Yeah, spam. Blah. I can't stand doing the little code word things on people's blogs, but they are concerned about spammers. Now that I am starting to get that, I understand. However, I don't want to make people jump through hoops to give me feedback. They are doing it for ME. The least I can do is manually delete spam if I have to.

As far as the need to quit. I agree. I have been there. I don't think I would delete my blog, just ignore it - maybe even say I am quitting. That way, I can change my mind and not lose anything and people will see that I started up again if they have me on a reader.

Anonymous said...

Mother Hen: I LOVE the accents, although, I am not sure about "Yarp". ;)

Hoosiergirl: There is a time and place for everything. Besides, I have been busy looking for just the right vest.

Anna: You did inspire number 4. I missed you. I know you had some dark posts, but I thought it might have been therapeutic for you. Fortunately, I have your new blog info. Thanks.

Michelle: I don't know if it is the entertainment value for me, or just the connection value. Now that I am a slave, er I mean married, I don't get much connection - especially since my wife is antisocial.

I think I blog for others to a certain extent. I get frustrated with myself sometimes when I want to say something but don't think people will understand or care.

Chris said...

What do you mean with #2? That's a scam?

Crap....I was waiting on my 4,300,000 dollars (US no doubt)to be deposited. I guess I should cancel those twin Ford GT's.

Jodi said...

Did you get a vest? Post pics of it!


Jeff said...

Chris: You mean it isn't? Crap!! I hope those things are still in the "trash" folder.

HoosierGirl: I didn't realize how hard it is to find a good vest. But when I find one . . .

Stepping Over the Junk said...

I love cowboys. vests or no vests. As for the blog stuff, well, yeah, I have favorites that pause for a while and I get grumpy because I need to know the rest of their saga or the latest drama...I stopped watching soaps and now read blogs...just kidding, I never watched Soaps.

STReeTJeSUS said...

I think IT Professionals should wear vests also... perhaps blaze orange vests like the hunters wear. :)

Drop by sometime!

chosha said...

Most of the Nigerian scams don't actually come from Nigeria (I work for the government organisation in Australia that initiates anti-spam legislation) and the reason you still get them is because they still sometimes work.

I never think about cowboys. I'm more a pirate/ninja girl.

Lippy said...

Chosha said it well. The reason they continue to spam those Nigerian-type scams is that it costs them nothing to try, so 1 hit is a profit to them. It's just funny that there's so much wrong with the Internet, but we have Blogs as a reminder that there is some good out there, which is why I think we take to them and miss them when they go.
There's one in particular, for me, that I still miss.

Jeff said...

Stepping Over: If you start comparing blogs to soap operas, I am going to stop reading them. ;)

StreetJesus - Welcome! I checked out your blog and am looking for a connection between the title and the content. It is an interesting blog, though. I will be back.

Chosa: I never really thought those scams originated in Nigeria - but for a bad reason. My stereotyping mind doesn't see internet capability in Nigeria. Stupid, I know.

Jimmy: Even with blogs, there are some good, some bad. The good ones, and the people behind them, make up for the bad, though.

Anonymous said...

Deleted blogs can be a bit scary - I was reading the blog of a woman with bipolar. The last few posts she was getting more and more depressed. The second last one she swallowed a whole bottle of pills and then realised she was about leave her husband and son and begged her husband to save her. Then she was home from hospital, then the blog was deleted. I hope she's ok...

My photoblog just gets killed with spam. It's awful. I hate it.