Yesterday set a record for pageloads in a day for this blog. I think that is great, but I can’t for the life of me figure how all those hits yielded only one comment (thanks chosha, btw). It was a controversial topic; do you folks shy away from that sort of thing? What’s your theory?


Speaking of yesterday’s post, I was watching this morning an interview with the Rutgers coach and team. They said that Don Imus’ statement really hurt them. I can’t for the life of me figure out why. Most of them, I would bet, never heard of the guy before this came about (my wife hadn’t). What would give this 68-year-old nonfactor so much power in their lives? However, I am not African-American nor have I ever been publicly attacked. Therefore, I have no standing in judging whether or not these women have the “right” to be hurt. No one has to qualify her feelings. They just are. I am sorry that these women were offended and I am glad that Imus has been suspended.

On another front of the same story, I still find Al Sharpton’s (and now Jesse Jackson’s) call for Imus’ termination a little disingenuous. As I mentioned yesterday, neither is calling for a boycott of Jay-Z’s records. On top of that, both men have had similar offenses in their pasts. Jackson referred to heavily Jewish populated New York as “Heimytown” and Sharpton accused a prosecutor of conspiring against his client by participating in the rape and abduction of her (Tawana Brawly) when it turned out that the whole crime was fabricated. I don’t see Jackson or Sharpton resigning their positions. There is enough hypocrisy to go around concerning this issue and too many glass houses.

SANJAYA FEVER (or sickness)

Now, on to more important things like American Idol: I have really not been compelled to comment on it. My personal favorite, Chris Sligh, was voted off a couple of weeks ago. He was the heavy-set, kinky-haired, comedian-type guy. However, a new phenomenon has surfaced and drew me back in. It is Sanjaya. By most accounts, he is the least worthy of being the American Idol. However, there has been a rising movement of haters that bad-mouth and disparage this 17-year-old singer that has really gotten my ire up. My wife is one of these haters. Those of you that have kept up with this blog know by now that my wife isn’t the most compassionate woman in the world. This Sanjaya thing has given me the opportunity to explore this with her without myself being the target of her hate. I actually got her to admit that she believes that this poor kid has no right to compete – NO RIGHT! Amazing.

You may not like Sanjaya. Fine. Don’t vote for him. However, to blame this kid for trying is ridiculous. He isn’t keeping himself in. All he is doing is going out there and doing his best. Leave him alone and go vote for someone else. My wife thinks he should quit. Do you? It is causing me to pull for him now although I have NEVER voted for anyone and don’t see that I will any time soon.


Speaking of my wife (wow, these transitions have been too easy), it is our six-month anniversary (for lack of a better term) today. We were not going to make a big deal about it – just a nice dinner and movie. However, there are NO romantic movies out now! Can you believe it? I don’t know what we are going to see – if we see anything at all, but you would think there would be at least one romantic comedy out there. I did buy her three classic Audrey Hepburn movies last night, but we are definitely going out so they will keep for another time.


I maintain my dislike for blogger. This is the second time I wrote this post. One slip of the pinky and it was all gone. So, you guys will never know how interesting and eloquent the original post really was. You will just have to take my word for it. I know, I know, I should have typed in Word first (I am right now). But should I have to? Is it so hard to make the posts retrievable or more secure from finger slippage? Well, it is free so I guess I shouldn’t gripe. Plus, I don’t want to get back on that “word verification” thing. Some folks say they have suffered spam or stuff, but I think that it is the worse thing. It really eats up my time when I read and comment on a lot of blogs in one sitting.


One last thing: Speaking of blogger, I asked this before and no one really responded. However, if I have commented on your blog and do not list you in my blogroll, let me know. I will try to add you – if I can figure it out. I haven’t really updated it so if you want listed, let me know. If you don’t really care, then I don’t either.


Cathy said...

A NEW RECORD: I commented.. late but I commented. :D

IMUS UPDATE: My personal opinion is that I am sick to damn death of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. I think they jump on anything they can and "beat an already dead horse with a stick" for no other reason than to get seen and heard. Sorry if that offended anyone..but once again it's just my personal opinion only.

SANJAYA FEVER (or sickness): I agree more with your wife but for different reasons. I think he has every right to be there since he hasn't been voted off, but definitely think he doesn't deserve to be there at all. He's still there because of that votefortheworst site and others like it. I think it's unfair to those that actually have more talent that have been booted off the show already for no other reason than they didn't qualify for the "votefortheworst" vote. Especially when you consider the fact that one of the axed ones could have "come into their own" during the last few weeks (had they still been there) and go on to win the thing.. deservedly so, based on nothing but the premise of the show.. talent.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO ME: Congratulations to you both! :D

BLOGGER BLUES: No comment because I don't use Blogger. :P

ARE YOU COUNTED? No I'm not! But I would love to be! Your link has already been added.

Have a great day and again, happy 6 month anniversary to both you and your wife. I get the impression I would really, really like her!

Anonymous said...

Wow lots of topics. I dislike both Imus AND Sharpton (and it seems to me that shit like this will never change) which is why I didn't comment.
I don't watch American Idol so can't really comment there either.
Happy Anniversary!
Use typepad instead of blogger. Typepad is only like 5 bucks a month for basic services and it's sooooooooooooo much better than blogger.
I don't care either way if I'm in your blogroll or not. Only those I read every day are in mine, so if you don't read me daily I won't take offense. :> I don't even glance at other people's blogrolls. To see if I'm there or not? Pshaw! The height of rudeness.

Sayre said...

I apologize for not commenting yesterday.... I was only on the computer briefly and all my visits were basically flybys.

Stuff like the Imus/Sharpton thing pisses me off. Imus said he was sorry - let's drop it.

I haven't been watching American Idol this year. Actually, I don't watch much of anything. Grey's Anatomy, Ugly Betty, Desperate Housewives and Boston Legal is pretty much the extent of my TV viewing these days. That's five shows. I tape them and watch them at work so I'm not tied up with TV during time with my family. (I know that sounds weird, but I watch during my lunch.)

Hmmm... Have you seen Lyrics and Music? That's supposed to be pretty good, and a romantic comedy to boot. Of course, it's been out a while, so you may have already seen it. I don't go to movies much either. Happy Anniversary. I hope you guys have a great time together.

I don't mind Blogger - Some of my family is urging me to try Xanga. I don't know... I like my template and I feel comfortable here. Occasionally it blocks me from making comments, but I don't have much in the way of beefs here.

I can't believe I'm not on your Blogroll!!!! (hmpf). Ha ha ha! If you figure it out, I'd be honored to be there. If you don't - well, I know you love me anyway...

Am I forgiven now???? Have I lost the #1 commenter crown now?

Anonymous said...

GroovyLady, Sanjaya may not deserve to be there as far as his talent, but the premise of the show is that the voting decides. He has gotten the votes. Personally, I think that people get tired of being told who is good or not so they are revolting. However, if Sanjaya is as bad as all the haters claim, how did he get passed through to the point where voting even matters. Remember, the judges narrowed it down to 24, I think. If he is in the top 24 of the hundreds of thousands of those who tried out, then the judges do not have anyone to blame but themselves.

I will add you to my roll when I figure it out. ;) Thanks for the congrats!!

Anne: I am just too cheap to pay for my blog when I know I can get it for free. I guess I just have a love/hate relationship with blogger.

Sayre: We saw "Words and Music" on Valentines Day. lol I can't believe that you aren't in my blogroll either. I will try to correct this. Of course you are still my #1 commenter - although lately, Anne has been dynamite! Seriously, I don't expect anyone to feel like they have to comment, I just like it when they do!

Tigger said...

Hey stranger!!! I am sorry that I haven't been here... I have missed your blog... Congrats! on the anniversary, I don't watch American Idol, and DON'T get me started on the Don Imus thing!!!! I will try to be more regular in the future.... Tawnya