Thursday Thirteen #12 - Rejected TT Topics

It is getting more difficult as time goes on to come up with TT topics that I think are worthy of being published. I don't want to get to a place where I am just doing it to be doing it. It would be a waste of my time and for anyone who reads it. There has to be some feature in TT that is either interesting, revealing, or humorus. Hopefully, this list of TT topics that didn't make the cut this week, will have at least a smidgeon of one of these attributes.

1. Thirteen reasons you SHOULD care about the Imus incident.
This didn’t make the cut because I have probably spent too much time on this topic already. Some of the reasons I would include would be that it isn’t about one guy, but more about race relations in general.

2. Thirteen foods that have changed my life.
I couldn’t think of any. I think I could give up anything right now, just not everything.

3. Thirteen girlfriends in my past.
If ever my wife saw this list, then I would be in way too much trouble. My wife enjoys thinking that she is my first love interest (although she knows it isn’t true). I guess we have a “don’t ask/don’t tell” policy.

4. Thirteen dogs that I have had.
I had only eight (three right now).

5. Thirteen love lessons that I have learned from experience.
Actually, I had typed this out once for TT in the past. Then, of course, blogger erased it. It was a lot of work. I may try it again in the future.

6. Thirteen reasons I should file for divorce.
Can’t think of any.

7. Thirteen reasons that I am not yet published.
I may do this in the future, also. Right now it is just too doggone painful to think about it.

8. Thirteen uses for propane.
I can only think of twelve. ;)

9. Thirteen pieces of evidence for the existence of God.
I think I am going to reserve this for the other blog that I haven’t started yet about spiritual things – if that ever happens. Besides, it would be tough narrowing it down to thirteen.

10. Thirteen cars that I wish I was driving instead of the piece of crap I am stuck with now.
Too self-indulgent, uninteresting, and depressing.

11. Thirteen places that I COULD be living if things had turned out differently in my life.
Thought of this one late. I may do this in the future.

12. Thirteen characters that I can make with hand puppets.
Can only think of one and it is a snake – boring.

13. Thirteen reasons I should discontinue Thursday Thirteen.
May do this one in the future, also. This list would be #1.


Charles said...

Even though you may stop doing Thursday Thirteen, I still like seeing the rejected ones. LOL

How about thirteen things you like about blogging.

Anne said...

I'd love to hear about #9. I'd do #11 but there'd only be about 5 of them, so that wouldn't work. Seriously, if you do #9 elsewhere, tell me the link?

Anonymous said...

charles: I probably won't stop doing TT, I just might not do it every week. BTW - I am more likely to list 13 things I dislike about blogging. ;)

anne: You got it! I have to warn you, though. I have been talking about starting that blog for MONTHS and I am no closer to starting it. If you ever want explore this stuff in another venue (like email or something), let me know. I won't preach, I just like to explore these kind of topics.

Jodi said...

That's funny. A "Thursday 13" list of 13 things you WON'T write about....

I think I would like to do the 13 boyfriends one....

Thanks for stopping by my blog.
Please come back!

Charles said...

Either way, I would like to see it.

Cathy said...

I actually like all of the ones listed and would have found them all interesting.

Especially that propane one. My kids are pyromaniacs.. that list might be handy for me to have. :D

Knock knock - it's cancer! said...

Jeff... I wish I could make snake puppets! That's not boring, that's a 6 year olds' HERO!

Lippy said...

LOL, this was an interesting twist on the TT. Maybe 13 Thursdays you didn't feel like doing the TT?