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Senater Larry Craig of Idaho is probably resigning soon. I never understood all this meet in bathrooms stuff. If you are a gay man and want to meet another gay man for sex, go to a gay bar. What is it with public bathrooms that make things so much better? I can't even find a heterosexual analogy for this. Not that all gay men do this, but obviously enough do. I mean, apparently there is even a protocol to follow. Sheesh.

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Here in Indiana, the state is losing some federal funds because they didn't meet their target of getting enough people off welfare by getting them into jobs. On the surface, losing the funds makes sense. If a state isn't doing enough with the funds they are given, why give them more funds to do nothing? However, if the Fed REALLY wants Indiana to increase the welfare to work numbers, is cutting funding going to that really going to accomplish that? To me, that is like telling your child that he isn't allowed to do as much homework this week, because he failed to do enough last week. For crying out loud, take some other funds from Indiana, not the thing you want it to improve in. Don't let your kid watch TV instead of more homework negligence.

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Today is the day that Princess Diana will be memorialized in observance of the tenth anniversary of her death. I hope this thing doesn't drag out for days or weeks. I guess I am a hypocrite because I thought the Elvis thing was perfectly fine. However, what can you do with Diana? At least with Elvis, you can watch movies and hear music. All you can do about Diana is watch news file footage and talk about her. However, if you want to hear music regarding Diana, I guess you can listen to Elton John's tired version of "Candle in the Wind". I, on the other hand, would rather hear Smalltown Poet's "Prophet, Priest, and King". It has one verse dedicated to the royal wedding (kind of an older song). It is a well-written, catchy song. Please check it out here. It is a pretty entertaining and fun video. The lyrics can be found in my appendix blog here.

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Finally, gas just jumped 20 to 30 cents a gallon this morning for the holiday weekend supply and demand, you know. Don't you just love capitalism? The economy of greed makes me become closer and closer to becoming a socialist. Ooh, perish the thought! There are people who actually think that capitalism is the economy system ordained by God. However, Jesus seemed to run his gang by the way of socialism.


What a country!


Stepping Over the Junk said...

on the gas thing...that's why I never travel on holidays. I always stay home. always.

Charles said...

I don't think any form of government can truly work when there is Human emotions, Human Greed, and corruption.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who feel the same way about Diana. I just feel there is too much emphasis on celebrities when they die. The media ends up focusing on that instead of news. Anna Nicole Smith's Death now that was like the Circus of the Ridiculous.

goddessdivine said...

I'm very much pro free market. I think it's the best system. It allows for choice--the key component. Socialism takes away agency; and raises cost while lowering quality. Having said that, there are definitely greedy people; you're going to find that with any system.

Jodi said...

Is that why gas went up? I didn't even make the connection. I was kind of enjoying filling up for less than $40. What's weird is the difference between gas prices on one side of the bridge or the other....sometimes it's cheaper in Louisville, sometimes it's cheaper on my side.

I think the Senator Craig thing is creepy. Why do men do that kind of thing? You never hear of women picking up other women in bathrooms.

Hope you have a peaceful Labor Day weekend.

Paper Fan Club said...

I thought the recording of the clueless senator's police interrogation was hilarious. Is it possible he really didn't mean to use the international signals for gay washroom sex??

Loz said...

Glad to see that it's not just Australia where gas companies don't collude on price on holiday weekends :)

Chris said...

I just posted this same comment elsewhere:

Sex in a public bathroom? Please....I don't even like to PEE in a public bathroom.

Knock knock - it's cancer! said...

I guess I was gone when the whole bathroom scandal happened, what happened?!

We're back from Alaska now, with pictures to share (psst...finally re-posted the wedding pics too)


Shan said...

lol, I read about that tapping thing on the toilet door. Found it pretty hilarious. What I don't understand is how can that guy be a cop. Small world...

As for gas/petrol, we need to use something else than fossil fuels...

Jeff said...

Stepping Over: That is pretty smart, if you can get away with it. I tend to stay home, too.

Charles: Yep, the human condition is too celebrity crazy.

Kristen: I am not so sure that socialism has to be as negative as you paint it. I like some of the principles of capitalism, but I think it needs to be regulated more. You just can't trust people with that much freedom. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Hoosiergirl: I don't know why SOME gay men have this kind of thing going on. Hopefully, I will never understand it. ;)

Jeff said...

Paperfan Club: I want to know why there IS international signals for gay washroom sex.

Loz: Greed is an epidemic everywhere. No country is exempt.

Chris: What DO you like to do in a public restroom? lol

Jeff said...

OneFullHouse: Good pics!

Shan: The cop was looking to arrest someone for that. It was a sting tactic. I agree about getting away from fossil fuels. We would be off of it by now if so many companies wouldn't lose money if oil became worthless. It is a conspiracy.