Evansville and Bad Presidents

After Further Review . . .

I decided not to apply for the editorial board for the local newspaper this year. I blame you guys because not one of you suggested any of my posts for submission as writing samples. I just assumed that it wasn't worthy. Nah, just kidding. Actually, I tried to edit down some of my better posts to the 450 word requirement and it really butchered the "art" out of it - and I use that word loosely. If I would have had more time, I may have been able to figure it out, but other things in life demanded too much of my time and energy to muck with it any farther than I did. There is always next year.

* * *

My worst president poll shows some interesting results. So far, 19 of you voted and "W" is running away with it as expected. However, coming in a not-so-distant second is FDR. He was certainly a polarizing figure. Most people my mother's age and older that I have talked to would vote for him as the BEST president ever. These folks praise FDR for bringing them out of the Great Depression. His "New Deal" program put folks back to work and put food back on their plates.

Others, usually those that did not live through the Great Depression, despise him. They blame him for the "welfare state", big government, and starting the country down the road of debt.

My personal belief is that FDR and his policies were appropriate for the time. All history now is revisionist so it is hard to get an accurate picture. Whether the "New Deal" helped to end the depression is open to question. However, it did inspire hope and that is sometimes enough. I believe that he also managed WWII well, and should be praised for that. On the flip side, he did usurp the power of the presidency in a way that cleared the way for future abuse (read: Bush, George W). I guess no one's perfect.

* * *

I am getting more surfers from my hometown now. This is a result of my membership with VerveEarth. This is a site where you can find blogs that "represent" your area. Because of this, I am going to make my blog a little more Evansville, IN (and tri-state area) relevent. However, it will be just a little more locally relevent. It will not lose the flavor it has always had.

* * *

I am going to reveal Psychosomatic Wit's favorite song for each year for the past 40 years. The first year will be 1968 and will be included in the next post. If anyone knows where there is a site that anyone can listen to a song that I can either imbed or provide a link to, let me know. People should, at least, get a chance to hear it.

* * *

Why is it that some people think that they must back into their driveways or in parking spots at businesses. This practice bothers me to no end. I mean, I do know there is times when it is necessary or overly convenient. For instance, I back in my mother's drive when I am taking her with me. It shortens the distance that she has to travel from the door to the car (she is disabled). However, some folks just do it all the time for no apparent reason almost like think it is "cool" or something. One could argue that it is easier to leave, etc., but I think the ease of leaving doesn't make up for the trouble of arriving. Plus, usually someone has to wait for the yahoo to stop and back into the drive. It just drives me nuts!


Sayre said...

I would nominate almost any of your posts... perhaps in the coming year you should practice writing shorter pieces so there wouldn't be so much editing.

I think FDR and Clinton could be neck and neck for BEST president. Neither one was great on the morality scale, but they did things for the country that were much needed and appreciated at the time.

Do you YouTube? You can find almost anything there! Check it out. Scarily enough, I probably KNOW all the songs you might pick.

Michelle said...

I had no idea what to recommend at the time and was on my way back here today to say:
choose what the paper likeds, but most of all what you truly love to write about.

Jodi said...

Wow. I am way behind. I would love to hear more about Evansville, that's for sure. Since you're going to do more "local" stuff, don't forget about Louisville! And you're maybe going to mention people who live near you...hint, hint.

Sounds like all is going well for you otherwise.


Chris said...

I don't blame you for not doing the editorial thing, it makes it too much like work.

As far as the parking issue, maybe they are trying to hide their car from a repo man or hide an expired tag from patrolling officers? Just a guess. That or they are one of those people who absolutely can not sit with their back to the door.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love your idea about Psy Wit's favorite songs over the last 40 years! Of course I have no idea where to direct you for the music. But if its any consolation, I'll really enjoy it when you start posting the songs! :)

Its anyone's guess why people back their cars in anywhere just for the heck of it. I guess some people just prefer complication.

I also think it was a good call to pass on the editor position. You're right that you wouldn't be able to fully highlight your writing ability / creativity within such tight parameters.

The Real Mother Hen said...

I'll do the book tag in your previous post. Michelle also tagged me to do that meme too, so I'll do it.

I like to beck my car into parking lot, it makes it A LOT easier to get out don't you think? Too many times, especially in small yet crowded lots like Costco's, I almost hit someone while backing out of the lot, so I prefer to beck into the lot and drive out later.

Now if I were to rule the world, I would make sure everyone beck the car into the lot! HA!

Jeff said...

Sayre: Both those presidents were in place when the economy took a right turn, that's for sure.

I thought about YouTube - used it before. Just thought audio was enough. Maybe not, though.

Michelle: Too late! :P lol

Hoosiergirl: Maybe . . . Louisville is close, but not local by any stretch. Still, some Louisville area people may be worth mentioning. ;)

Jeff said...

Chris: I guess we can ask Mother Hen about the mentality that goes into it. She has fessed up.

Steph: I am glad you like the song activity. I am reasonably sure the next post will be the first one of the 40.

Mother Hen: There is one in every crowd, and you are it. LOL. Sure, it may be easier to get out. However, it is a pain to get in - for you and everyone else around you. We will all survive, though, won't we? ;)

Charles said...

One of my aunts live on a busy street, so it would be convenient for her to back into her driveway, but she doesn't because it would be a pain for other drivers. So she turns her car around while in her driveway.

There is a website called Imeem (imeem.com). Its in my links on my sidebar. you can upload music and embed it into your blog.

Jeff said...

Charles: Thanks for the tip. I will look into it.