Oh no, I'm one of THOSE guys.

I can't believe it has been that long since my last post. The problem is that my computer will not allow me to do it anymore. I think someone sabotaged it.

I have been working out for weeks, now. I haven't lost a ton of weight but I have rearranged a lot of it. I do tend to feel better.

Today I told Erika that I had a great workout this morning. That is the first time I have ever used that phrase I think. I used to hear it from people all the time but I never used it. The reason that it never escaped my tongue before is because I never really knew what it meant! A great workout? Let's see, you took a bar with heavy disks on the ends and lifted them repeatedly in some manner. Forget about the fact that there is no constructive reason to do this. I mean, you didn't stack something or build anything. You just moved dead weight in hopes that the muscles you used to move it might get bigger while you sleep. I am digressing.

Anyway, here is the skinny on the "great workout": It means that you feel all your muscle groups are bulging in a way that it gives you some kind of high. I had that high today. I have to admit, it is pretty awesome.

So, here is what you can get out of this post today. Next time some fitness type tells you that they had a great workout, the proper response is, "You're high!"

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