Thursday, July 06, 2006

Navigating Product

I have been in my new “get in shape” lifestyle for a number of weeks, now. I really hate the word “lifestyle.” It usually tries to make something sound more favorable than it really is. Be that as it may, working my muscles has become habit at this point since I have been able to assemble a makeshift gym in my fiancée’s garage.

Today, I decided to shower at her house after my workout. I get into the shower and there are 15 different containers in there. In a few months when we get married (Ooh! I just had a chill), I will be living there no doubt scouting places I can put my shower needs. Out of 15 containers, I found none that claimed to be soap or shampoo. I knew better than to try to expect to find a BAR of soap, but how about something called “shower gel?” Nope. I found all kinds of other stuff, though. I can’t remember all the terms, but I know that “scrub” “revitalizing” were words I came across.

I know that women have a different way to engage the world. Soap bars and washcloths do not fit into the world of the penile challenged. Instead they have some kind of liquid or gel soap that they apply to miniature wedding gowns (because women are obsessed with weddings, I guess) in order to clean themselves. Well, I couldn’t find even the gel this time, although the little wedding gown was faithfully hanging there below the showerhead.

She also had a nice place for this little gadget that I suspect was a razor. It didn’t look like any razor I have seen. It looked more like a phaser from Star Trek. A phaser, for the non-trekkies, is a hand weapon.
I guess I will be in for a culture shock when that same shower becomes my own. Fortunately, I don’t have too many things that will clutter it up. All I require are soap and shampoo. If I have to, I will bring it to the shower with me.


Two Write Hands said...

Rodger and I manage the shower OK--there's enough room for everyone to have exactly what he/she wants. Hubby's brother and sister-in-law have separate bathrooms altogether though. This might be a feasible option for you guys down the road.

Anonymous said...

we can't all be penis-havers

Jod{i} said...

Sigh...My Union will be upset, but hey here goes it..
I have BAR soap in my shower and only one poofy thing...
shhhh dont tell I told...

I have four sons, a hubby, a daughter..I gave up the shower battle by number two child..LOL