For the Short Term

We now rent just about anything. We rent houses and cars. We rent tractors. We rent (to own) computers, TV's and furniture. We rent tillers and banquet halls. We rent like crazy these days. Why not rent a casket?

Think about it. We buy a fancy box for THOUSANDS of dollars so we can look nice on display. Then, this fancy crate is buried forever - theoretically never again to be seen. Why do we need to BUY it; we should rent it.

Here's how it works. We go the funeral home and pre-plan our send-off. We pick out a nice fancy casket that will aid us to set up a pretty glorious display. We take our rented box and lay there in all our splendor.

Then, when the last mourner is gone, the flowers have been divvied up, and all the cold cuts are stocking the family's fridge, they can dump us into a pine box or even a cardboard one and plant us under the old oak in the corner of the cemetary. The funeral home can then run the rental through the wash or whatever they do to get it ready for the next customer. Makes sense to me. It is kind of like renting a tux for your wedding. Sure it is an important occasion, but there isn't much point in keeping a tux you may never wear again, right?

Now, I know the burial ceremony may complicate things a bit, but I think it can be worked around. With the price of gas these days, it might make more sense to say goodbye at the mortuary anyway.


Bon & Mal Mott said...

Yes, this is an excellent idea. we have seen hospital beds prepared for a new occupant; the same cleansing procedures could apply.
In reply to your comment:
We should care because we all love a Karrnival. {:~D>

Bonnie and Walt

Bedazzzled1 said...

Did you know you really CAN rent a coffin? If the deceased is going to be cremated, but you want to show the body during calling hours, you rent a coffin. I am being dead serious. (Bad pun intended.)

Geez, I adore Bonnie and Walt...and Karrnivals.


Sayre said...

What a great idea! Heck, the funeral homes would probably make MORE money doing it that way than trying to sell everyone a fancy box. The folks that might lose out are the coffin makers.

I rented my wedding dress. Makes a lot more sense, especially if you're only going to wear it once!