Do You Believe in Miracles?

Yesterday morning, as I was doing my weight lifting routine in my fiancee's garage, I heard what sounded like the pop of a pistol. I didn't pay it much attention because I knew no projectiles were coming my way. A little later, I noticed a neighbor out and lamenting over a huge tree branch that had fallen and barricaded her car in her garage. Ah, the mystery of the "pop" revealed.

I walked over and asked if she needed help. This young lady lives there with her toddler daughter and a dog - not the best crew for removing heavy tree parts. As we examined the tree, it was apparent that it wasn't going to be a quick job. There were many branches linked to this large limb still tenuously attached to the tree and there was some concern that the branch could come crashing down on the garage.
She told me that her brother was coming to take her to work so it wasn't imperative that the branch be removed till later. I told her I would take another look at it at lunch.

Lunch time came and grabbed my trusty chainsaw and began to work. Being the spiritual guy that I am, I whispered a little prayer in hopes that some divine influence would stop any calamity - particularly the trashing of my neighbor's garage. Calculating which branches to cut in the proper order to insure the garage comes out of it unscathed, I looked like a pro - till IT happened.
With one final cut of a limb, the huge branch came crashing down into the driveway, missing the garage by about a foot. However, the physical law, "for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction" came about in a furious event. As the giant piece of wood crashed to the ground, the opposite end which I just happened to be straddling came up with an anger right into my nether region, virtually lifting me up off the ground.

Immediately, the impact of the branch which was about the same size as the business end of a large baseball bat, gave me a huge headache. If you are at all familiar with male anatomy and injuries to this area, you will know that often injuries here have a delayed reaction. There I was, with a huge headache, wondering if there was a bloody mess where important things used to be and waiting for the impending, excruciating pain to surface. That wait is torture in of itself.
I slowly walked and coached myself saying, "Okay, Jeff, you're fine. There is no pain it is going to be okay." About five minutes later, I realized something. I WAS, indeed fine. No pain surfaced.

Don't be confused; there should have been pain. It was a direct hit. I have played sports all my life. I have had my fair share of these type of injuries before. The branch was not small enough for my parts to dodge it, and not big enough for my legs to prevent impact. In fact, I felt the impact, there was just no pain - there still isn't.

I can only chalk this up to God. What else is there? God knows I am getting married and I will need these items that were under attack. Children are important and I have none. I didn't specifically ask Him to protect me from physical harm, but He knew what I needed. I still have those items that I need. Miracles do happen, but I won't be SHOWING anyone this miracle. I am not real comfortable even talking about it. ;)


Bon & Mal Mott said...

Ow. Ow. Ow. Don't DO that.

Bonnie and Walt

Emily Suess said...

ROFL at that book cover.

Jod{i} said...

Either I am way off on the now defunct planet of pluto..or I am just twisted...I see the book cover and your very first paragraph..I am thinking, Oh geez he actually blew a ....well ya know...
Then I feel bad for that thought and then read on! OMG...I hurt for you! EEEEKS!

More importantly? I say good karma...That good deed did not go unpaid now did it?

BTW--Now you sound like me in your

Jeff said...

Bon and Mal: I didn't plan it!

Two Write Hands: Yeah, I love that book cover! It was perfect.

Jodi: That is SO funny. I had to come back and re-read my first paragraph. Yeoww!

Sayre said...

I thought a blow like that made men vomit...

Glad you're okay. I have to agree that God was watching you doing a good deed. People shouldn't suffer for doing good - hence, no pain.

I'll be you are your neighbor's hero (we won't tell her about the last bit).

Ari said...

It is an unknown fact that some men have balls of steel. It's true. It could be your superhero power. Teheheheheh


Charles said...

There is another law though. It has something to do with kindness. You were kind enough to remove the branch, and I Guess you were rewarded by not getting any pain whatsoever.

That and you will still be able to have children someday. LOL

Stepping Over the Junk said...

Just dont test that again, because the second time around, it may not happen! (the miracle)