Weddingmoon Prep Week is No Festival

I have been somewhat negligent to my blog this week. It is understandable, though. This is preparation week. All week I have been trying to make sure everything is set for the big Weddingmoon. I leave tomorrow for St. Louis - then on to Jamaica early Sunday morning.

This has been a rough week. My fiancee (one of the last times she will be referred to as that) has been stressed all week. In many ways, I had to bear the stress for both of us. For those who know me, that sounds like an impossible task. However, God is merciful. The last day or so, the stress level has risen, but the affects have lessened (for both of us).

To top it off, this is the big West Side Nut Club Fall Festival week here in Evansville, IN. It is the second largest street festival in the country (Mardis Gras is #1). Here in the 'ville, we can't mention the fall festival without including the whole "it is the second largest . . .". It is just something we do. Anyway, it is tradition for me to try to get there every night. Have you ever tried to prepare for your wedding and be at a festival nightly? It can't be done. I missed a night - and will probably miss tomorrow. It hasn't been exciting this year which is a shame.

I am not sure when I will be signing on again. I doubt I will be able to next week, but who knows. Hopefully, things will fall back into place soon after I get back - even if I will be banded from that point on.


Jod{i} said...

Oh Man thats right!

Well COngratulations! THe day will poof on by and by the weddingmoon it will be surreal!

Have FUN! AND dont forget to "Smile" for all those flashes!


Sayre said...

Ha! Next time we talk to you, you'll be a MARRIED MAN!!!!

Enjoy your wedding, your wife and your honeymoon. And come back rested and relaxed.

Also, there's this thing that no one ever tells you - you have to find it out on your own. But I'll tell you... Of all the people I've talked to after they got married, very few of them actually consumated the marriage on their wedding night. After all the stress and festivities (and all the drinking, I'm sure), you're just to whacked to do it. But the morning after....

Emily Suess said...

Hmph. I want peanutbutter fudge.